Wednesday, January 9, 2013


January is hard for me. The whole stretch until Easter used to loom dauntingly, but thankfully this year we have a new Family Day stat in February to break it up. That doesn't exactly make the snow melt or the flowers bloom, but to me it makes one of those weeks between now and Spring a little shorter.

It makes the waiting a bit more bearable.

Waiting has never been my strong suit. It took me over two decades of writing and submitting to go to contract on a book. You learn a lot about yourself in that sort of time and one thing I've learned is that Dani's Life Lesson To Learn is Patience.

This is not a character trait I have mastered. Ask my husband.

Granted, I've improved. And I was never horrible. I don't fly off the handle when something takes an extra few minutes. (I live in a small town. Sometimes you take half an hour to get through the grocery line and there's only one person ahead of you and they're only buying milk.) But sometimes, say when I'm twenty-five years into waiting, I get a wee bit antsy for certain things to happen.

Sadly, publishing is a slow beast, even in today's fast-paced world. Now that I'm inside the machine, I appreciate why it needs to be slow. Lots of eyes read lots of words. Do I want that done fast or well? Obviously I want it done well, as an author and a reader.

But I'm eager. I'm the kid who couldn't wait for Christmas. ("Go to bed!") I was really, really hoping I could do a cover reveal for my book, The Healer, today.

But unless it shows up in the next 24-36 hours, I suspect you will only see this:

::sigh:: Maybe tomorrow....

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm over on Goodreads Jan 10-12:

I'll be pumping readers for their favourite story themes and wish-I-could-finds in the books they like to read. Drop by, help me pass the time as I wait...


Wallace Cass said...

I've been writing seriously since 1990 and I agree with averything you said in your entry. Patience is something that I unfortunately have in short supply but I work on it. I actually stopped submitting at one point because my impatience and discouragement got the better of me. But with time comes wisdom and maturity and I realized that I was more miserable from not writing and submitting than dealing with impatience and lackluster responses.

I was out to make a point but somehow forgot to make it. Anyway, good blog entry. :)

Wallace Cass

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Patience does come with time. That long stretch to Easter is shorter this year, but try and tell the weather that. We used to live in Cleveland.

Remember that old jingle, that seems to have skirted around your personality?

"Patience is a virtue/possess it if you can/Seldom found in Women/ never found in Man."

Dani Collins said...

It came, it came! My cover arrived today!!

I will have a big reveal once I get it up on my website. It's stunning and reflects the book and characters really well.

I'm so happy!

Julie, your jingle made me laugh.

Wallace, I came so close to quitting a number of times. Fortunately I always had something in the hopper and wound up with some kind of encouragement to continue. It's worth hanging in there, that's for sure :)

Off to stare lovingly at my cover,