Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Again.

As a butcher, I can share with you all that Christmas is the biggest, baddest time for the industry in terms of sales, distribution, and product creation.

As an author, I can supply data to say that the new year is terrible for product creation (personally, sales went the same way as my creativity this year). It was only the last 2 days of my Two-week christmas holidays that saw me sitting down to write. I started three stories (a sci-fi, a romance and a horror), and all three of them are suffering.

However, this afternoon I finally got enough money scrounged up to buy a copy of MS Word (long rant short: Open office must die). And I have had a burst of creativity like nothing else.

So, what's the consensus here. Am I over the holiday blues, or did my trip to the stationary store make meant to use the stuff again? Anyone out there ever had a feeling similar?

Holly Hunt
Author of The Tyrant of Tarsit (out April 2013 from Champagne Books)
"It's all a matter of timing..."


Big Mike said...

I hear ya HH. I just started back into a novel I stopped writing in Sept at 42K words. In the last week I'm bumped it up to 51K yet my writing mojo is lacking. Sure, I've been involved in coordinating two anthologies, prepping for the storm on the horizon, and doing a ton of babysitting, yet my Muse no longer whispers in my ear. Since I started six years ago I've had limbo periods, but never this... void. Keep waiting for the rush in my veins but seems to evade me more and more.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)