Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Learning to Use This Macbook

In the middle of October my laptop computer started giving me all sorts of problems. It was only 4-5 years old and I'd upgraded it with my memory so felt it should hang in there a while longer. I searched online for software that supposedly could help me and bought it. When it didn't fix my issue, I called the company as they will connect to your computer and repair it, for a charge of course. I spent a little over $200.00 and the issue wasn't fixed. To be fair, they tried. They graciously refunded all my money and I went computer shopping.

I went to several places and looked at everything, but could not make up my mind. Finally I asked, "Do you carry Macs?" Why, yes they did. I came home with a Macbook Pro. Several of my friends have them and swear they are the way to go. My daughter had just bought the Mac Air and loved it, so how could I go wrong.

Of course I needed Microsoft Office, another expense, but if I bought this service program (it covered 3 computers) they had I'd get Office and a security program free. So, what the heck, I bought it. They installed Office, but said not to install the security program as it would cause more problems that it would fix. So, it sits in the box unused. Brought my old pc in and they fixed it in a couple of hours. It was a hardware issue.

As I've fumbled through learning to use this Mac, I once considered taking it back during the initial 30 day return period and go back to my pc. But, I'm pretty used to it now and am glad I kept it. My biggest issue is using Word. Things are just a little different and as of yet I've not figured out how to get the line numbers down in the bar at the bottom where word count is.

The Mac is smaller and easier to carry around so I sent my little Netbook home with my grandson so he can play a math game for school. Of course he's disappointed it's not fast enough to game on but....

Are any of you out there Mac users? Any advice for me?

Thanks for listening to me ramble!



TKToppin said...

I've been a Mac user all my life (and find using PCs very trying). That being said, Word was once a PC-oriented programme and, admittedly, I'm still learning it (I've only JUST discovered I can highlight words I use too much! Wow!) But, in my experience with programmes (Macs) almost anything 'tool' related can be found in the 'windows' menu bar at the top. With Word, I believe you might be able to turn the feature on in the 'tools' bar...can't swear to that. Or, there's that window menu on the right side with all sorts of features in it, including alignment and layouts etc...
Sorry I couldn't be of any more help. Graphics programmes...well, I'm your girl. ;D


Linda LaRoque said...

Hi, TK,
I guess it's just what you get used to. Yeah, I've tried the tool bar, the help search, etc. with no luck but I know it's there somewhere.

Ew yeah, I may need some graphic help sometime.