Monday, December 10, 2012

Keep Calm in the Face of ... Etc.!


Did you ever have one of those momentary panics, when everything seems to be galloping toward you? We are having my writer’s workshop over to our house tomorrow (Saturday) for a holiday get-together, including our annual readings. We always post a challenge for the December meeting, pick a topic, write a single page. This year our chair made up some off-beat titles, we each picked one out of a hat, and everyone had to write a page to read. My title is "Express Checkout," but that didn’t cause my brief heart palpitations. I had that task finished and ready to go.

I have been driven slightly mad by one of my daughters who wants to buy a car, and give her old one to her son. We have been looking at cars for two weeks now. Not the way I usually car-shop, but she is having a rough time and I am playing the calming father. Thought she had finally made a decision, but no, we are looking at cars again tomorrow. I did tell her I have to be home because eighteen people are showing up here in the afternoon expecting to be amused.

In my spare(?) time, including very early this morning, I have been working on the two sequels for my first published novel, The Dark Lady. Almost done, I think, with the first drafts. Turned into two sequels because I tend to go on sometimes. Anyway, the target is to wrap these up for early in the new year so my editor can beat me about the head and shoulders and tell me where I have gone astray. That will be after my beta reader has scribbled on the manuscripts and offered her fifty cents worth of comments.

What has really helped to get the old ticker speeding up though, is my fantasy detective novella "Housetrap" that came out on Dec 3rd. It is the first of a series under "The Housetrap Chronicles." Many fingers crossed that it will do well. I’ve already written three more in this series. These are due throughout next year. Eventually I'd like to see them wrapped up in a collection or two. If...

Anyway, back to the ultimate cause of my momentary panic. I was instructed to straighten up my office before tomorrow. I have a very simple system. I file things on the floor, mainly because the four or five desks I have in my office are all covered with piles of paper, printers, laptops. I was being a good boy, sorting stacks, checking things, when I noticed...oh good grief...I have a Writer’s Vineyard essay due. So please forgive me, but this is it.

Next week I really promise to think about buying Christmas presents, if I can find my list. I know it’s on the floor here somewhere.


The Dark Lady - February 2012

Housetrap - December 2012

Knight’s Bridge - March 2013


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I envy people who do things at the last minute. I tend to panic weeks in advance.