Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Connecticut

It is two days before Christmas, 2012. I am in that beautiful part of the country with stone walls, trees, and solid homes with white picket fences, Connecticut. The Long Island Sound is two blocks away from the front door. This is like a foreign country compared to the flat, palm tree covered landscape of central Florida where I live, where I write fictional stories about people killing other people and still others trying to figure out the motive, means, method and then discover the murderer.

I am here to help my daughter and her family while she recovers from surgery. Prior to going in to the hospital, she drove me around the area where the devastation from Sandy has left century old houses condemned, beach sand still in driveways across the road from the beach, and the stark, ragged new wood on tree stumps of trees felled by the high winds. And where funerals continue for twenty-six people, twenty of them babies murdered by a real mad man. The candles and tributes surround the area.

But, like children everywhere, my own grandsons are already back to bickering about who got the most cookies after supper last night and begging to be allowed to open “just one present” before Christmas. I bless the innocence and resilience of children while I share in mourning the loss of all those innocents.
What does one do when surrounded by such tragedies? Life goes on and so must we all continue to count our blessings and perhaps do something to make the world a little better place as we wend our way through our own small triumphs and failures.

This is a writing blog, meant to encourage other writers and so I shall get to the point. While staying in my cozy guest room where my family has thoughtfully placed a desk for my laptop, I have opened my first Christmas present: I rise at five before the family stirs and spend two to three hours writing. I give myself this time. All is quiet and I am free to wander to far off places and fill them with people struggling to make their lives better, creating challenges for them to overcome and heroes or heroines for them to love.

Merry Christmas and Happy Writing.

Veronica Helen Hart has two published novels. She is Faculty Chairperson for the 2013 Florida Writers Association Conference, October 18 - 20, in Lake Mary, Florida. 


Big Mike said...

I try to get my grand daugther to understand how lucky she is. One angel amount so many that love and adure her while many children experience only sorry and loneliness. Hard to relate to the pain of so many while we're tucked away in a cozy home with a warm fire and family by our side. To those that have and those that have not, may the spirit of joy and wonder still find its way into your heart.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Beautifully and thoughtfully expressed, Ronnie -- just like your writing in ELENA, the girl with the piano.

Annabel Aidan said...

Good for you! That early morning writing time is precious; no matter how crazy the day gets, you have those hours.