Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To NaNo or Not to NaNo

I love this time of year. I don't know if it's because I still associate the fall season with the return to school, but when I see the leaves start changing colors and falling down I start getting the itch to tackle a big project.

Thankfully, NaNoWriMo coincides nicely with this itch and I can satisfy my craving to sink my teeth into a new project and also hammer out a new first draft at the same time. Win-win!

The only fly in the ointment this year is that I just had a baby in July and am still bumbling through those sleep deprivation exhaustion delirium early days of caring for an infant. Oh, and I'm also in the last stages of editing a book that's scheduled to be published in February.

Still, I can't deny the seduction of a new story. I have my next story all planned out in my head and it's going to be so much freaking fun to write. I've got my protagonist, my antagonist, my conflict, I've got it all! NaNoWriMo would be a blast, and yet. And yet.

I have no time. I have no sleep. I have more work to do than I have time for, and two very demanding (and adorable) tiny humans who enjoy their mother a great deal and would like very much to play with her all day.

So I'm torn. I have the writer's affliction of too many ideas and not nearly enough time to indulge them all.

How about you? Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I know I'm a stick-in-the-mud, but I think NaNo... is a waste of time.

Veronica Helen Hart said...

I'll be doing Nano to write the next Blenders book. My first one was a Nano project which won a first prize in the Florida Writers competition and then published by Champagne - after I did some serious editing and proofreading. I have three other Nano books from over the years which could be revised for publication when I ever run out of new ideas.

January Bain said...

I write to my own rhythm and know absolutely nothing about this NaNo thing! But I do love this time of year and starting a new project. Good luck with your wee one! Best, January

Rita Bay said...

I LOVE NaNo. This will be my fourth. I've gotten two books out of the them and starts on two others. It's fun to have the goals and everyone pursue them together. I'd love to have a group activity or at lesst friend them on the site. Rita

Maria said...

I've done the last two Nano's and loved them! But I won't be doing one this time. I really must press on and get my 2nd draft sorted out. Therefore I shall use the time in November to do this, and intend to pace myself in a similar way to Nano.

I am very tired, and don't have the excuse of just having had a baby.

Liz Fountain said...

I love NaNo - it gets me writing and helps me connect with other writers. And the juices really flow when I have seemingly impossible deadlines, for whatever reason. It's great practice in turning off the inner editor and just producing. I've got my idea for the story and can hardly wait to get started.

All the best with the trials and joys of new mom-hood!