Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Human Program by Derek Vaughn

The Human Program
By Derek Vaughn

People are beings that need belief.
   People are also beings that believe in illusions.
Therefore, people are beings that need to believe in things that aren't real.
   That is the problem.
Thus, life goes to the man who has the talent and style to pull off the illusion he chooses.
   But the illusion must be persistent.
Persistent illusions create reality.
   Therefore, reality is a scenario that  is a construct of people that make illusions and groups that accept them.
   To break a persistent illusion, is to break reality.
   To break reality, is to break belief.
   To break belief is to destroy the symbolic purpose of life.
   It is easier to deny & repress than it is to change and expand consciousness.
   This does not mean people are cowards, it means that this is the human program that keeps things moving at all costs.
   Because too much experience overwhelms the human animal and the best a person can do is deny a persistent illusion in favor of another persistent illusion.
   In conclusion, all one needs to do in order to do anything one wants, without guilt or any consequences, is to construct a persistent illusion that grants that person the social license to be obsessed.
   If that person breaks his illusion, he breaks his social license to be obsessed. The group that follows this persistent illusion will sacrifice the actual person in favor of his persistent illusion. Not to do so is for an entire group to die symbolically.
   The is why the human species is a paradox and entire groups will conspire to kill, deny & repress in order to preserve a symbolic identity or an immortality project.

The End.


Big Mike said...

Just had a flashback to my logic 1012 class (g).

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Allison Knight said...

Deep, deep thoughts for an early morning.

And I didn't do well in my logic class.

Richard Hacker said...

Of course, that logical house of cards all depends, in the first line, what is meant by need and belief. If everything's an illusion, then belief isn't necessary. You simply choose the illusion that works for you. If there's a distinction between reality and illusion, then you make a conscious choice between knowing reality and believing illusion. I imagine most "leaders" of groups using illusion to drive action, know exactly what they are doing. The more individuals in the group become rational thinkers, the less control illusions and the people you use them to manipulate others will have. I have now spent the caffeine in my system and will not capable of continuing until I refuel.