Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finding Fiction

Sometime ago I asked my critique group what they would like to see in a blog. Their responses surprised me because the subjects they brought up are the very subjects they could have read about right here. So I gave them the directions to the site and then was left with the same question: What to write about? They asked for Creating Characters, Finding Ideas for Stories, and one that I have not seen here but can be found in Dr. John Yeoman’s pages: The Writers Village—“ turning a short story into a full-length novel.”
Being somewhat tardy this month due to living in two houses, one of which has no internet connection, I choose to go with Finding Ideas and will explain my next “Blender” book to be submitted to Champagne as a follow-up to The Prince of Keegan Bay.
The dual house situation arose when we bought a perfectly normal appearing house unaware that it came along with an unusually abnormal occupant. I documented the bizarre events in my Facebook pages without identifying the person in question. Reader responses overwhelmed me with their messages of humor, advice, and enjoyment of our predicament. A few were concerned for our safety. Writing helped keep the situation in perspective and stopped me from losing control. Writing what I wished I could do about the situation, prevented more serious occurrences.
As I wrote about our strange predicament, I realized that this could be the next book about Doll. I decided to bring back her husband, Barclay, after several years’ absence. Doll believed he had died. Being fiction allowed me to have Barclay return home in time to save Doll from marrying Michael, the intolerant former Marine. This made her uncomfortable in Keegan Bay, so they decide to buy a house and our factual story becomes her fiction.
Fictionalizing the events provided me with another catharsis. There will still be a body in the hot tub, but it will be a few miles from Keegan Bay. Doll’s friends, The Blenders, and Barclay, must prove Doll did not murder Cassandra.
Out of my short Facebook account of real life, our new house and its bizarre occupant, fictional characters and situations arise that I can press into service to flesh out a new book. 

Veronica Helen Hart is an award winning author of several novels, including The Prince of Keegan Bay, which began as a NANO winner and went on to win first place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards. Her as yet unpublished YA novel, Escape from Iran (which needs to be retitled) was also an RPLA winner in 2011. And, hopefully, The Corpse in the Hot Tub   will become another Champagne Book. 


Big Mike said...

Interesting. Three of my novels (FINAL SOLUTION, FINAL TRUTH, and CANDEMERE PARADOX) have come from shorts where the publisher liked the story so much they asked if I'd expand into a full novel. Nice way to go, short to long.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2012)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

This will make a very rich book. And I know the perfect lawyer...

Annabel Aidan said...

Talk about a way to make lemonade! What a great way to use life in fiction. Kudos to you -- and best wishes that your home situation smooths out quickly!

TKToppin said...

Good for you!! Me, if this is a ghost we're talking about, I don't think writing will be the form to keep my sanity...just saying.

January Bain said...

Yes, excellant concept!