Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Allison Knight

Boy did I learn something last month. It had little to do with writing and yet in a way it did. You see, I'm organized - my way. I keep the books, I do the filing, I take care of expenses, even handle the check book.  My husband did most of it as the children were growing up but as they left the nest he suggested I take over. 

I did do things his way - for awhile, but as the years passed I developed my own system.
The joke around the house is to find how many ways I might have something filed under.
No problem, I always found what I wanted. That is until I got sick.

It was time to pay the bills, I was in the hospital, and my husband hadn't done it for years and never paid a bill on line. The budget book (at least I had that) came to the hospital with my husband and my oldest son, who also pays all his bill on line. Of course he doesn't pay them the way I do, nor keep the same kind of records I do. Somehow, we managed to communicate enough to manage - I think.

Then, of course there was my WIP. But lets go back to the check book first. I didn't feel good for a couple of months, but I religiously paid bills, but boy did I screw up the check book. My husband is still trying to figure it out.

Back to the wip. Even though I didn't feel that swift, I worked on the final  'song' book.
Should not have done that either.

So what did I learn. Make sure there is someone else in the household or a close friend who knows where stuff is and how you pay your bills.

And - For Heavens Sake - don't attempt to write while you are really sick. There are pages of half finished sentence, wrong tenses, crazy punctuation, missing scenes and I changed the heroine's name. Much of what I wrote I'll throw away.  In fact if I really don't feel good, I think I'll have my husband lock the office door. At least now
he knows how to pay the bills. - But everyone still claims they can't decipher my files.
And I think I'll just keep it that way.


Anonymous said...

Physical hiccups do take their toll on us type B personalities. I too organize everything, then along came cancer. Took two years to climb out of hell. Years later and I still haven't got my organizer mojo back.

Michael Davis (Davisstories.com)
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2011)

January Bain said...

Martha, that was some kind of life experienc you have come through.Welcome back to the good side!

What a shame that so much of our fleeting time on Earth is spent having to do such mundane tasks as paying bills and not enough time for the really good things.

But you have brought much wisdom back with you. Thanks for sharing.

Best, January

Linda Kage said...

Good advice. My husband and I used to take turns paying the bills, but I haven't done it since my daughter was born. It's about time I jump back in there.

I hope you're feeling better.

Rita Bay said...

Happy to see you better and writing! If you have to rest, now's the time to do it - the Gulf Coast is so hot and rainy, inside is good. Waiting for that final Song book. Rita Bay