Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gone Gothic by Jane Toombs

    What attracts some authors and readers to paranormal while others of either breed don’t care for it at all?  That’s a question I can’t answer because I was introduced to E.A. Poe’s poems and stories as a child and loved almost all of them--especially this line in one of the poems--“the ghoul haunted woodland of Weir.”  
   I’ve never written a story about such a place, but I may yet.
   Almost all the stories I’ve written in the past several years contain some paranormal elements. Also most of my gothics do as well. 
   I began my writing career with a modern gothic. Also Champagne has published many of my historical gothics such as Tower of Shadows.  This book actually has a twin called Isle of Shadows that I’ve never finished.  It’s set on Mackinac Island in the past. This island, in the straits where Lake Huron meets Lake Michigan has a fascinating, though really bloody, past.  I hope someday to return to this historical gothic and see it published--I hope by Champagne. 
   Gothics have always appealed to me, especially the historical ones.  There’s something about an isolated old house, a brooding and mysterious hero and a heroine in peril that makes me recall why I loved Poe as a child. Maybe the reason I wrote so many was because creating one was almost as good as reading one.
   I’ve never really understood why paranormal elements fascinate me.  I know some readers don’t care at all for the genre and I think I understand why.   Today reality can be brutal and scary enough so they want a book that takes them away from it.  Still, in gothics everything always turns out great for both hero and heroine, so a reader should know that no matter how frightening the story may get, the end will be at least happy for now, with a strong implication that their happiness will be lasting.
   If I ever do finish Isle Of Shadows, that’s certainly the way I intend to end it.  Everyone needs all the happiness they can get, even when reading books. 
   I should end with a photo of a black cat, but Kinko happens to be a white calico instead.  She did have a back brother, but she chose us and we knew better than to turn down a cat’s choice.  As it turned out she hates everyone else and resents them coming into “her” house.  But then, nobody’s perfect, though Kinko is certain she is. 

Jane Toombs


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Your gothic stories sound wonderful, more traditional than what's coming out now.

I have a black cat, who loves everybody. She's also purrfect, but she doesn't show up in picures. Maybe there is something gothic in that.

January Bain said...

Hi Jane, I love gothic stories and I was really into Poe too. The Tell Tale Heart, Pit and the Pendulum to name but only two. My stories often have paranormal elements and of course, they always turn out!!!

January Bain said...

PS. I too have a black cat!