Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Author's Dream Day

Well fellow authors, Release Day has been a long time coming. I signed with Champagne Books March 2011 for my Forever Series of books about healers, vampires, angels, demons, dragons, dhampyres, lhampyres and fairies, (whew!) and finally the big wheel has slowly turned to my short window of time to showcase my first novel: FOREVER MAN out July 1, 2012.
Getting published means a lot to me with reassurance that I was on the right path being at the top of my list. Who wants to write something no one reads?! And yet as I write these words, I'm thinking it was the journey of actually writing the novel that was the best part. Getting to know the characters and watching them undertake things I could only imagine doing. What a lot of fun, cataloging their antics, helping them through the rough times, I would live that time over in a heartbeat! But fortunately, a lot more stories are waiting to be told. I consider myself a storyteller, first and foremost as I expand into the pleasure of writing in different genres: paranormal romance, fantasy, horror, and hard science fiction...

It’s been an interesting journey in other ways as well. Though the learning curve has been pretty steep, I have had the blessing of working with great people who have made the journey a whole lot easier. A special thanks to my wonderful editor, Judy Griffith Gill and her expertise. She has made me a far better writer.

And to all my wonderful friends at The Writers Vineyard, your support and friendship has
meant more to me than you can know!

I would also like to thank J. Ellen Smith, our esteemed publisher for her invaluable guidance in
getting my first novel to the public.

And most of all, my very own “Forever Man”, my wonderful husband, Don, who has made the journey of life, loving, and learning the best it can be!

Best regards,
January Bain
The Forever Series
Forever Man
Forever Woman
Forever Clan


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Congratulations again, January. This is the big one; the one you'll never forget.

January Bain said...

So true, Julie! Thanks for all your support. You're on my website List of Great Writers and I checked the link and it appears to be good.

I was a little late in booking a blog tour for Forever Man so it begins in a few days, July 14th to be exact. Will be interesting how that develops.

It's through Enchanted Book Tours. They do reveiws and such. Hope it helps as I am kind of a klutz at this promotion thing!


Rita Bay said...

Congrats, January. Love paranormal stories. Will pick it up at my next visit to Champagne. Would love to have you visit my blog. Later, Rita Bay

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Many congratulations on your release, January - enjoy every minute of the next few months!

January Bain said...

I would love that too, Rita! Anytime! Thanks, January

January Bain said...

Thanks so much Rosemary, that means a lot coming from you! best, January

Unknown said...

Happy release, January! May the (sales) force be with you!

January Bain said...

Ute, from your mouth to God's ears! I believe that's how the saying goes. Thanks for the good wishes!

Jude Johnson said...

I am so happy for you, January. Enjoy the thrill--and let the Marketing games begin!


Liz Fountain said...

Beautifully done, and congratulations! Thanks for all the mutual support you offer, it's much appreciated.