Saturday, July 21, 2012

Almost an Oops...

My deepest apologies, Writers Vineyard readers. Today is my day to post and I almost missed it. Better late than never, though...

This has been a week of obstacles. A good friend of mine told me it's because Mercury has gone retrograde and will muck up everything, especially for those of us born under the zodiac sign of Gemini, where Mercury rules. This may or may not be true, but it makes a handy excuse when calamities flood your best-laid plans.

Literally, our house had some flooding this week from an incredibly powerful summer storm. Nothing compared to what folks back East endured a few weeks ago, but enough to snap power poles around the city and inconvenience a whole lot of folks. We were lucky not to lose electricity, but the rain came down so hard and so fast, debris dammed up against our back gate and forced water into two rooms. The carpet was sopping wet. The process of mopping up and drying out took all week. Again, we were lucky nothing was lost but time and attention.

The conditions around that side of the house, however, had to be tended to quickly to try and avoid a repeat performance. Trenching, moving dirt and gravel, and clearing drainage areas is certainly a good cardio workout as well as weight training. Muscles between my fingers are screaming as badly as my legs and back. But the area should be less prone to flood--just in time for another few days of forecasted heavy storms. I'd cross my fingers but they don't want to move that way--yet.

Then there was the car. My car, which my son had driven to the gym the evening of The Big Storm. When their electricity went out, everyone had to leave. Except the parking lot had become a small lake and a number of cars were sitting in water halfway up their doors--including mine. As luck held out, he was able to get it to start and drive to higher ground to wait until he could safely navigate home, but water had seeped through to soak the floorboards on the passenger side.  One more instance of luck being actually good--he was able to get the car home and into the garage before the starter quit. That's been an interesting process to get fixed. We like to keep our local towing company in business. But she's fixed and back home with only a frazzled left speaker to show for her waterlogged adventure.

So my writing, marketing, and online obligations have been rather hit and miss this week. These things happen--even when Mercury isn't in retrograde. And to be honest, I think we've been very fortunate throughout it all.



Julie Eberhart Painter said...

When I hear your story, I think thank goodness she doesn't live in FL where nothing dries out. You could grow corn in some of our state's mildew.

Get Mercury under control, and welcome back to the land of the "homeowners' back syndrome.

Big Mike said...

Yeah, we're still trying to recover from the storm of the century two weeks ago. Lost 600 bucks in food, several trees, still haven't established normal yet. Got a post about it in Sept.

BTW - if water had gotten into your engine, it'd be toast. have to be replaced or rebuilt. Lucky girl.

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