Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Writer’s Dilemma--Three Stories Demanding to Be Told By Jane Toombs

   What’s to be done here? With all three stories each trying to shoulder the other two out of the way, I’m not sure I know. Never had this problem before. I’ve come to believe it’s happening because I haven’t really worked on any one story while my SO has been in the hospital and then Long Term Care.  Three months without writing has apparently caused the problem. 
   Should I pick the most urgent one from the point of view of time?  The one that’s half-finished?  Or the brand new one that’s popped into my mind unbidden and taken up residence there?  Or should I simply try to work on all three alternately?  I’ve never yet tried to do that, and I’d be interested to see if it works.
   Elmer’s due home from long term care on the 13 of June, the same day this blog goes up, and my reason for being unable to write--no time--will vanish.  I do need to make up my mind what to do, so any and all comments will be welcome, because I haven’t yet made my decision.
   Every one of the stories are paranormal suspense romance, which is what I’ve been writing lately. Two are books in separate series and the new one has not yet been offered to anyone yet since it’s still only in my head.
   Experience tells me I should  finish the half-done one first.  But what if the new one clamoring to be told needs to be done now while it’s fresh in my mind?
  The other one is the last book in a series that I’d really like to see finished. In many ways it’s a kind of book I’ve never written before, so I think that’s why it’s making its own demand.
   That said, I have the detailed synopsis written for Where There’s Smoke, the second book in my DAGON HOUSE TRILOGY  for Champagne Books, which also needs to be written.  I’m a dedicated plotter, not a pantser, so I do need a synopsis, although I may depart from it here and there and sometimes change the ending.  I found early on I need a plan or I wander so far afield that the story suffers. That’s next on my list as soon as I solve the dilemma I’m in at the moment . Once I get going, I do write pretty fast, especially if I’m doing novellas, which most of my later stories have been, so I looking to turn in Where’s There’s Smoke by September--I hope.  
   This is a story of a NYC supermodel who had to go undercover because of an arsonist stalker, so she’s hiding out in Dagon House from him.  Of course we all know you know he will find her.  The Dagon House ghosts don’t like him any better than they did the killer in the first book of the series, Taken In, but fire is difficult to overcome.  The hero though, an Afghanistan veteran who’s missing a leg, but has a prosthesis, happens to be a local fire-fighter…   

   Looking forward to getting back into gear with Elmer home.  Don’t know who’ll be happier, me or Kinko the cat. Here’s a photo of her:

 Happy Writing, 

Jane Toombs


Big Mike said...

Always have three or 4 stories whispering to my muse. I work on one till it doesn't whisper for a while then I switch to another one. Only way it works for me.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2009)
Award of Excellence (2011)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Mike's advice is good. If the new one is getting you excited, starting with that will help you regain your focus and concentration. We await the results of your fertile mind.

Annabel Aidan said...

As someone who has to juggle multiple projects all the time, go ahead and move between them. I'd say the partially-written one should probably get priority, because unfinished project drain creative energy. So set yourself a daily word count for that, and then move between the other projects as the spirit moves you.


January Bain said...

Write whatever is calling you the hardest1