Monday, June 11, 2012

Newspapers and Conventions - All In One Week!

Well, it's been a good experience, working with many people. Today, I had the delight in taking part in my first newspaper interview (it's only a small local paper, but it has to start somewhere!). I learned two things from this experience, which I am going to impart onto my loyal readers here at TWV (Oh, stop giggling).

1. Reporters make really fussy photographers. How many times do you need to move a book around before you're happy? But, just in case of stuff like this, take a few copies of your books with you (if possible) or your cover art/kindle/whatever. Give them something to work with. makes it easier on you.

2. Interviews are a lot less scary than I thought. Basically, I said the same stuff I would have, had someone randomly asked my what ,my new release was about - "Apocalyptic werewolves" is kind of easy to remember, and hook people in.

Also, it pays to do said interview 4 days before your first convention appearance. I'm starting to think that this weekend won't be a complete failure after all.

3. It always pays to be a pre-existing aquaintance of said reporter. Makes it a lot easier to avoid being nervous. Not everyone can take this gem and run with it (Don't go visiting every reporter in your state at home for Sunday lunch, you'll be given a mountain of restraining orders before you can say 'author'), but the point is a little wider than that - for your first interviews, see if you can get time for a small chat before you begin. Might put you at ease.

So, there are my nuggets. Go forth, my fans (I said stop giggling) and multiply your skills!


“Sit down and open your mind. Everyone knows ‘Devil’ means ‘Darkness’ and ‘God’ means ‘Light’. “But history is always written by the winning side.”

Holly Hunt is the author of, among others, The Devil's Wife. Head over to to follow her adventure through her first convention - Supanova Sydney, June 16-17!


ange said...

Our little village celebrated on the Monday and guess what....the sun shined!!! We had a marquee, picnics, fireworks, a jubilee laser and a dance tent screening jubilee concert. It was great fun, and as you say, everyone becomes a little closer as we celebrate together.

Ange xxx

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I like your reference to retraining orders. It's funny when their shoes are on the other feet.

Big Mike said...

Agree with your two observations and I'll add a third. If there is exposure to a reader base, its not as direct as one might expect. I've done about half a dozen radio and newspaper interviews at a local level and never saw any jump in site hits or royalties I could correlate to that promo activity.

People do say, "Didn't I see your picture in the newspaper?" and that can expand your brand as a recognized author but direct sells near the time of the event never materialized. Talked to several of our author friends and they've had similar experiences. Anyone that has data based results of a bump in hits or sells, please share.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2011)

January Bain said...

Interesting blog, Holly, about the finer points of an interview.

Liz Fountain said...

Lovely problem to have - what do I say to the reporter about my book? - can hardly wait to see if I ever get a chance to face it myself!

Annabel Aidan said...

I've learned to enjoy interviews. I didn't at first; now I just have fun with them. Congrats!