Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Royal Weekend

A misty Tower Bridge
I'm sure it won't have escaped the notice of other countries that last weekend the UK celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. To mark the occasion we were given an extra bank holiday which made it one long weekend break of four days.

Since I'm up in Scotland, I watched it all on TV: out of the rain and wind, with access to food, drink and necessary facilities! Our village did celebrate with an afternoon tea in the village hall on the Sunday afternoon.

The celebrations were well deserved, as Queen Elizabeth is the only other British monarch to achieve sixty years on the throne (Queen Victoria was the first) and she has served our country to the very best of her ability, and beyond. We weren't the only people watching in awe as her majesty at 86 years and Prince Philip at almost 91 years stood on the deck of the royal barge for around four hours while the wonderful pageant of ships sailed along the very cold Thames. No wonder the poor man ended up in hospital!

Other highlights were the fabulous concert with the backdrop of Buckingham Palace on the Monday evening, followed by the service at St Paul's on the Tuesday morning and the carriage procession in the afternoon. The 1902 Landau which carried the Queen was splendid and provided a very good picture of this kind of vehicle for historical writers.

One of the overwhelming results of the celebrations was the way in which it brought our whole country together, and the wonderful feeling of bonhomie in an increasingly troubled world. So, we salute you, Queen Elizabeth, and long may you reign over us.

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Veronica Helen Hart said...


Very nice. I happened to be in England during the 25th year celebrations. We had a great evening at Saltwood Castle near Hythe where the duke and duchess of Kent presided. Even in these financially depressing times, I find elegance and charm in the royal family.

Allison Knight said...

Nice to hear about the celebration from someone who was close. Your queen represents all that is elegant in a world full of strife. I'm with you, long live Queen Elizabeth.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

A beautiful tribute to an amazing lady who rose to every occasion. We Americans are proud of her, too.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for your comment, Ronnie - you must have had a good time at the Silver celebrations!

Thank you, Allison - it really gave a boost to the whole country.

Hi Julie - thanks for that. Glad you can still be proud of her too!

Annabel Aidan said...

It was lovely to watch, even on this side of the pond. A toast to you all!