Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Nudist Ranch, Paint Drumming and Motorcycle Rides

     What do these activities have in common? They are all elements in my action thriller Bolt Action. Thinking about these summer activities Leslie Bolt encounters, I thought about my own summer enjoyment of camping. I came across a few unique items that I could purchase to enhance my weekend adventures.
     The Nyamuk is a sleeping bag that goes from a full tent and transforms into a hammock with a mosquito net. It’s perfect for protection from the Summer State bird of Wisconsin, the mosquito.

     I thought the Kahuna would be great fun if I was a little younger, and didn’t already limp when I rise out of my perfectly good queen size bed in the morning. It is a small boat, that transforms into a tent you can camp in. Hiking will be over because you won’t be able to unfold your legs the next day.
    The last item is the JakPak. It is a jacket-tent-sleeping bag. It is a wearable 3# bundle that is even too ugly to wear in the back woods of Wisconsin. I respect the wild life and wouldn’t want to scare them with this hideous outfit.
     Summer fun is upon us, and you can check out the pictures of the items listed above at 12 Strange and Creative Camping Tents. Also check out Detective Leslie Bolt's activities in Bolt Action. Stop by my website, Author Victoria Roder and have a safe and fun summer.


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Amazing! I wonder if bears would enjoy edible tents!

Interesting post. Your window of opportunity is so short compared to ours here in FL. Enjoy your summerette. Your next tent will be an electric blanket.

January Bain said...

Good advice, Julie!

Warner Carter said...

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