Friday, June 15, 2012

Less we've forgotten

Michael W. Davis

Recently I was asked to review short story submissions from high school students. The winners received small monetary awards. As you'd expect, most were difficult to weed thought yet a few provided reflection beyond the mind of the typical youth. As I sampled the mental wandering of the modern teenager, a pattern evolved. What do you think the three primary themes where? Take a moment...that’s right; romance, confusion, and bullying.
The thoughts created on paper drove me back to a time I'd forgotten. No, not wisps of young amore, rather the shadows of all youth when they struggle to understand the complexities of life. You know, who are we, why does every one hate me, why are some so cruel to others, what are these peculiar emotions I feel about the other gender; stuff like that.
Reading the convolutions of young blood, the turmoil of their adolescent ponderings; it returned me to my own days of asking why, why, why. No, I wasn't unique back then, or weird, or the only kid every hounded by bullies; I was like so many others twisting and turning through the social swamp. No better, no worst, no more confused then anyone else wading up river through the turbulence of youth.
What I really wanted was to whisper to all these kids, it will pass, most of the fog about your surroundings is natural, part of a maturing mind, you will be okay. And those things that remain unclear, they’re the wonder of our brief time on this planet; relish them as curiosities you’ll understand eventually in the next realm. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to interact so they'll just have to claw and scream and stumble like all of us did.


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

And they will claw thought the life they've lived, and the messes we've made. As we did. I got a memoir out of mine: 119,000 words of whining, analyzing and forgiving. No ego left behind!

Big Mike said...


You go girl.