Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Forever Man’s Muse

A couple of years ago October (I remember it very clearly) a fierce urge to write a book overcame me. This wasn't my first try, but this was the first time I was going to give it my all. I had been watching the movie, The Green Mile, with Tom Hanks and it really spoke to me. I wanted to be a healer like the gentle giant that had that gift in the story. At the time I had just lost two dear brothers to cancer and I was grieving their loss. And so I lost myself and buried my grief in writing a novel about a gifted healer named Ellie Hightower.

As her journey unfolded I began to heal. I was the character and I could do what she did for long stretches ofntime. It was pure freedom and so a series was born, The Forever Series, that’s
appearing more and more to be never ending.

What has caused you to write the stories you do?

Excerpt about healing from Forever Man:

As I reached the woman she looked up at me with stark pleading in her eyes. “I didn’t see him! Please, I need help!”

Crouching down beside them, I carefully laid my hands on the whimpering dog. It looked like a husky, probably a sled dog. He or she was still breathing, but it was labored and loud. I could also see blood on its soft white fur. My heart instantly melted and reached out to the poor creature with its pain-filled, whiskey-brown eyes that seemed to beg me to do something.

Despite the gut-wrenching plea, I felt helpless, sheer happenstance had brought this poor animal to this end and I had no power to save it from its fate.

Hesitantly, I reached my hands out and laid them on the poor dog’s head and its eyes seemed to tell me that it knew its fate. Tears flowed and the image of the dog blurred. I felt its pain as my own as I closed my eyes in sheer anguish. Please God, let this beautiful creature be okay.

Suddenly, something came alive inside me like a dam bursting its banks, and a
great tidal wave of energy flowed through me from my very core. It was so
strong it made me shake and my legs, cramping in the crouch, almost gave way.

A surge of pure power seemed to drive through my
hands into the dog as I concentrated my thoughts on it and then all I could see
and feel was hot, white light surrounding me for a few brief incredibly
thrilling seconds. The light blinded me, its power as strong as the noonday
sun. A sense of pure aliveness electrified me, as if I was at the pinnacle of
my strength and could rise up and fill the world with goodness and healing.

Then, just as suddenly, the floodgates in my mind closed and the white hot
energy retreated back into my hands that began to shake violently with the
excess energy.

The sensation left as abruptly as it had come and I
fell back exhausted from the effort. The dog whimpered, shook itself and sat
up. It looked at the two of us as if nothing had happened, its brown eyes
shining and its tail wagging as if it didn’t even remember the last few minutes
of its life.

Coming July 2, 2012 from Champagne Books


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

A compelling scene and a way for you personally to heal. Can't wait for it to come out, and you know I'm not regular reader of this genre.

Happy transit of Venus day!

January Bain said...

Thanks, Julie, that means a lot coming from you!!! Happy transit of Venus day too!