Monday, May 28, 2012

Working Writer's Panels and Such by R.J. Hore

I recently had my first opportunity to sit on a panel at a conference, Keycon29, this one a Sci fi and Fantasy affair with writers aspiring and famous, readers and fans. It was a good experience. Most of my fellow panelists had at least a modicum of success or fame in the writing game. For two of the panels I had a few weeks notice, and so was able to prepare and do at least some research . If I had not checked the conference website a day before everything was due to start I would not have discovered that I was scheduled for a third panel.

Nothing like being prepared! I survived, and can recommend the experience. Public speaking and ad-libbing while in the presence, is a good way to become known. The attendees come for the greats, get to hear your opinion.

We had a launch of my first book, The Dark Lady, on the opening night of the conference. Because I am a relatively unknown writer, it was a good thing I had plenty of family and local writing buddies to pack the room. I suspect regular conference attendees wondered who I was. Hopefully by the end of the weekend they had a better idea.

I am a volunteer reviewer of genre books for an on-line magazine that is mainly directed toward libraries. It is a good way to follow some of what is being published. In the last nine years I have reviewed in excess of sixty books. Unfortunately they do not review ebooks (strange, considering their own format?) If you ask my wife to list the benefits of ebooks, she would probably start by pointing to the several shelves I have in my den filled to overflowing with the printed word.

Enough for now, time to get back to actually doing some writing!

R.J. Hore


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Well done on making the most of that conference and being on the panels! It's a very good way to get your name out there.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

You are a smart, energetic author. Good that you had a cheering section this time. Maybe next time you will have "followers" from this conference.