Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why my vampires save who they do...

When my muse insisted on taking the paranormal route, I knew instinctively that the stories would include vampires. But which vampires and why?

If you could save someone who would it be?

Well, the obvious choice is loved ones. But then, who next? So I went looking for important characters in history that would add something to this Earth if they were able to live forever. Some will be far less deserving of this honor, of course, because they create that all important story conflicts that keep the novels racing along.

It was an interesting journey and brought in some amazing characters from history, some altruistic, some not so much. Like Joan of Arc, (the) Anastasia, Dracula, Dr. Jonas Salk, Queen Isis, and Pharaoh kings.

Why do you chose the characters you do or do they chose you?




Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Bet you ae busy saving the world as we know it.

January Bain said...

I humbly try without many inroads most days. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Julie! Our internet is down at school so life suddenly got really difficult for the poor computer teacher and students this past Monday. (lightning is a reall pain!) Hope they can fix the problem but, oh boy, not looking good!!!

Allison said...

You asked a quesion, and I'll give it a try. First some of my character just appear. I have to go looking for others. Some come with the story line. Bear for Sara's Treasure was one of those. Rhianna just appeard, but Arthur I had to look for. both being from Hearsong. Part of the problem is those character that show up and demand their story. I'm fightin with one now. Wonder who fill win.

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January Bain said...

Thanks Allison for your response and than you to "first timmer" for visiting! Welcome aboard, best, january