Sunday, May 6, 2012

Re-Charging Batteries

So, over the weekend that just went, hubby and I skeedaddled out of the house to spend time with the inlaws in what is becoming an annual event.  Here in Barbados, we locals celebrate Heroes Day on April 28, then right on its heels, there is the May Day bank holiday.  Since we love our little holidays and long weekends, you're sure to find us all kicking back and having a chill.

Five stories up, taking in the view.
For the past three years, we've been hitting the rustic charms of the Crane Resort, commandeering a penthouse suite so we can chill and kick back while (collectively) watching and (unavoidably) listening to the shrill peels of excitement from two young boys -- my nephews (might I add, the youngest is at his traumatic Terrible Two's and boy, does he let the entire world know it).
Lunch with a view

This year, like the last two, I took my trusty MacBook to hack out some words on pending WIPs.  Each year I seem to mark my time at the Crane with memories of written words.  The Eternal Knot was finalized there, Bengaria's War saw a crucial moment in a fight scene come to life, and my current WIP, To Catch A Marlin saw my protagonist, Jax, wheedling her way trying to infiltrate into a weapons dealer's good favour.  As writing goes, I think I did pretty good while I split my time between being sociable and catching some pool time with everyone.

My toes are liking the view of the Atlantic Ocean
Facing due east into the Atlantic Ocean, more or less, the Crane offers bracing, salt-infused breezes, choppy waves -- and at times, lackluster WIFI signals, possibly to ensure you do nothing more than to relax in a reclining position and recharge.  (This year, we had a router in our rooms, so I was never without my internet fix, so to me, that's a perfect holiday!)

But, all good things must end, and so I've returned to my regularly scheduled routine -- a bit sunburnt but definitely relaxed and ready to tackle the plot lines of my WIP.


T.K. Toppin


January Bain said...

Very inspiring!

TK Toppin said...

Thanks January!! It was... :)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Nothing like a change of pace.