Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just hanging out

I've been pretty quiet lately on my various loops. For one, I'm just super busy, but that's nothing new. I'm always busy. But lately I've discovered a new place to hang out - the Amazon forums. Not the regular forums as those folks are generally not friendly. They like to tar and feather small and mid-list authors.

Amazon created forums for authors called "Meet Our Authors Forum". Right now I spend most of my chat time with the Western Romance Authors. I've met a lot of wonderful new folks while promoting my backlisted westerns. We now have a blog where we all post about the genre called Cowboy Kisses.

Emersing myself into this genre again has made me want to write another historical western, so I've actually got two in the works. The one I'm drafting now is set in Indianola, Texas during the 1875 hurricane. For spring break, DH took me the area so I could better visualize my setting. We had a great time and enjoyed some of the best seafood.

Anyway, I love writing fantasy but Historical Western Romance has always been my comfort read when I'm stressed and with so much going on in my life right now, I needed to not only read the genre but also write in the genre.


Unknown said...

I know the ladies will giggle at the big dude tuning into HWR, but I to like a GOOD one. My favorite - Lonesome Dove.

And GG, better to be too busy than have nothing to do at all, but being overwhelmed is our shared penitence, don't ya think, GG.

Michael Davis (
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Unknown said...

Wow. I just went over to the Amazon "Discussions Feedback Forum" and they have some super nasty people in there. Hard to understand how human's thrive on such bile and anger. Scary creatures them little gremlins are.

Big Mike