Saturday, May 12, 2012

Inspiring Short Break

Last weekend, we took advantage of the national May Day holiday Monday in the UK and went away to the east coast of Scotland for a few days and a much needed break. We live on the west coast, so it was only a matter of a few hours until we reached our destination and we made travelling part of the holiday by stopping for lunch at a lovely restaurant en route.

We stayed near the historic town of Dunfermline, birth town of Andrew Carnegie, and one of our favourite places because of the history. Apart from Dunfermline Abbey, where many Scottish kings and queens are buried, I absolutely love Abbot House, with its cafe in the ground floor rooms and a display of countless years of Scottish history on the upper floors. You can read more about Abbot House here. The whole area is a living research library for historical novelists!

Since our hotel was on the outskirts of town, in a nearby village, we were able to leave our car at the entrance to the wonderful Pittencrieff Park and walk all the way through to the town. We've walked through it before, but this time I dragged a willing husband down the lower pathways to magical hidden glens with a gazebo, a meandering brook, and a strange little iron gateway seemingly leading into the rocks. By the time we reached the upper paths and sight of the Abbey, I had already started composing the outline of a fairy story (I also write for children).

Another day, we enjoyed some hours in South Queensferry, situated at one end of the famous Forth Railway Bridge. We had lunch in the wood-panelled 17th century Hawes Inn, where famous literary figures like Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott sat countless years before us.

Those few days certainly revived us both, but being away from the computer also gave my mind time and space to be creative, while the places we visited inspired me with new ideas. Maybe all writers need such little interludes now and then!

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Big Mike said...

When I do a revive trip, a new novel always pops up with the back drop of the area we go to. Case in point, Righteous Fury (to be released in Oct) is based on the Outer Banks NC and the seed came from a trip we made there. So did ya get a story or not?

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