Friday, May 18, 2012

Free, free, free


Michael W. Davis


Do ya like things that are free. No, I don’t mean shams you get on the web that tout for only a loan of $1000 they’ll send ya a $100 grand next week when they get into the states. I mean, FREE!!!!. Don’t believe me. Okay, check this out. Near the top of the column on the left side of our blog you’ll see a new element called “Free author books.” For now we have one free E book you can download. It’s a cookbook of favorite recipes from 18 authors scattered around the globe. The book includes the story behind where the recipes came from and its relationship to our writing or a specific novel.

No games or spam, just click the link “Favorite recipes…” and it will take you to a website where you can download the cookbook free of charges. We hope you enjoy it and, did I say it was Freeeeeee (g).

Michael W. Davis (
Author of the year, 2008 & 2009
Award of Excellence, 2011

     Shadow of Guilt,  “To each crossing of paths, there is a reason.”
     Blind Consent, “The answers are buried in the secrets of the past.”
     Whispers of Innocence, “Things are not always what they appear.”
     Tainted Hero,  “Sometimes good people do bad things for the right reasons.”
     Veil of Deception, “Sometimes truth cuts deeper than a lie.”
     Forgotten Children, “Greed is blind to human suffering.”
     Final Solution, “How far is to far.”


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Mr. Pitchman, send me a dream/ make it a recipe with lots of steam/

Mr. Pitchman, please, please send me a for a Queen

Anonymous said...

You're a pistol JP. Only us old times know where that song comes from.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2008 and 2009)
Award of Excellence (2011)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Big Mike, I think we'll have to lay that pistol down, boys, lay that pistol down...

Recipe-wise, Pistol Packin' Mama will bite the bullet.