Sunday, May 13, 2012

Block and Editing - Not Good!

I've been suffering a bit of writers' block lately, which is unfortunate considering the timing. I've got 2 stories to do the final read-over for in editing, and a third that I'm meant to be reading for an aquaintance, to get his confidence rolling.

And I really can't find the motivation for any of it. Don't get me wrong, I like my stories and whatnot, but I've read them more than enough that I'll miss everything I need to catch. And as for the critique... If I can't get motivated by the editors, what chance does a college student have?

But I shall endure. One more read-through, and I'll never have to read these books again. Which is a shame, because Blood Moon is Matthew's (my OH) favourite book, and Scale & Feather is a fun, light read.

Maybe I'll just write some fanfic for my won stories. Last time I did that, I ended up with a complete book!

Oh well. Back to it, I suppose!

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January Bain said...

Hi Holly, I hear you, girlfriend! You need to spend a little time just for you being creative. I'd bet that would help a great deal. Witers need creative moments as much as drawing breath.

January Bain said...

Make that Writers!!!! i need an editor myself today!

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

It's hard sometimes to get a story going and characters that you really care about and want stay with for 70-90,000 words.

January is right; brainstorm yourself, or pick someone you know and invade that secret privacy that they won't tell you. I once told my neighbor, don't bother to tell me about yourself, I'll make something up.

Jude Johnson said...

With you on this one, Holly, but I prefer to think of it as a sluggish period as opposed to a block. I'm so busy with life at the moment that to settle down and get into a different one is proving to be difficult. But it will come, and January is right: take some time for yourself and create in a different mode. The words will blossom.


Annabel Aidan said...

As soon as I had to rely on writing solely to pay the bills, writer's block couldn't exist -- or I couldn't eat and pay the bills. I don't regret it at all. Just keep at it. You'll get there.