Saturday, April 28, 2012

Technical Difficulties

For those of you on the East Coast who check this blog as you savor your morning coffee, why yes, I am posting a bit late in the morning. This has been The Week of Technical Difficulties. 

Computers have changed our lives. As writers, we watch words fill a simulated page upon a screen, no longer serenaded by the clickety-clack-swoosh-bing! of a typewriter pounding ink from a ribbon upon paper. Few of us even use pen or pencil and paper any more. Think: when was the lst time you received a hand-written letter by postal service? It's a dying art, writing with a pen.

My sanity is also dying. While computers have made many things easier, they also aggravate the living hell out of one when everything gets screwed up.

I'm not going to rant about my issues with Blogger here. Did that on my own blog, Words That Remain. Suffice it to say I am composing this blindly, completely unable to see a preview or even view the actual blog. And the scheduling posts feature has its own concept of time. Last month I set it to publish my blog at 1:00AM Eastern time. At 11:00AM it still hadn't shown up, so I came on and manually published my post. At least it still lets me compose--so far.

Last night, two other Champagne Authors and I were to host a "chat" on a Yahoo Group page for Coffee Time Romance. Let me apologize now to anyone who tried to join us. It didn't happen. Not only could I not post any reminder for people to attend, not one message ever went through. I tried everything I could think of, short of smashing the tower with a sledgehammer, but nothing ever showed up. The message list never changed at all. My frustration grew into a series of muscle spasms down my neck and across the shoulders. Emailing with the group owner for two and a half hours finally confirmed that she could see the problem was not from my end. And one of the other authors valiantly tried to get messages posted onto other Yahoo groups only to see the entire Yahoo Groups network was basically nothing but dead air last night.

Therefore, forgive me for posting late this morning. Once my obligations to the "Interwebs" have been seen to, I plan to shut the damn thing off and go rip out a planter in the backyard. It will give me the physical satisfaction of swinging the sledgehammer, even if it's not to kill the computer.

Happy weekend,



Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I second your emotions.

Big Mike said...

The problem is too many hands in the pie without coordinating. All the software, apps, java, and IT people just want to get 'er done then move on. I used to mentor young 'ems and drove me crazy trying to get 'em to debug and validate their stuff. Finally I made a deal with 'em. I go a dollar for every bug I found and they got 20 if there were zero bugs. I never had to pay out and we created some of the most compatible math models anywhere.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year (2009)
Award of Excellence (2011)

Ramona Butler said...

It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one. :)

January Bain said...

You got it right, Jude! Some days I hate this thing called technology and other days I'm in love. It's just too much all or nothing for my tastes.

January Bain said...

And just this morning Google wanted me to rate the three address blogs I paid for and can't get onto!!!! I'll rate them alright...

Jude Johnson said...

LOL Thanks everyone--it's good to know we're all in the same glitchy cyberspace!