Friday, April 20, 2012

The price of inaction

Michael W. Davis

I question if anyone reading this post has surfed through life without experiencing a bully. What’s truly amazing is that it's still happening in our enlightened society. Why? Inept leadership at all layers of government.

Consider if a teacher, a consular, a principle was held accountable for standing by and doing nothing while a child’s frame of mind is contorted forever. Imagine we elected leaders that cared about children more than their careers. That mean what they said, not for a minute, for one audience, to trick the blind that vote them in power.

Why do we do this to ourselves, turn and ignore our responsibilities to protect those that cannot protect themselves. When will we put honorable men in office that govern with principle, not with plateaus and pompous inaction.

Sadly the answer is never until we hold ourselves to task Stop turning away from our obligation, act with action and not inaction to place true leaders in charge, not because they appear handsome, promise more entitlement, lie about the crumbling foundation of our nation. And we better wake up soon before only rubble remains in the wake of our inaction.

Yeah, I know, not my normal tone but I saw something on the news that... lets just say it set these old bones on fire. Won't happen again.

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I'm glad you mentioned the sewer we are becoming with our lack of leadership and poor examples being set.

I'd like to recommend a book that gives insight and hope to those of us looking for ways to come back to morality. It's called THE HARBINGER, by Jonathan Cahn. Available at your Kindle store. It's Inspirational Fiction, because no one would have read the information as a long essay. I'm not fond of stilted dialogue and over explaining, but it's worth ignoring that flaw to get to the meat. This will make you think. He equates, via the a biblical verse from the Old Testiment, the fall of Israel in 800 and some BC with the breach of our trust at 9-11. He enumerates the coincideneces with what was done then and what we have done now. The little church near Ground Zero is featured in his ending.