Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ghost Writers

Our fiction writers’ critique group meets every Tuesday at Barnes & Noble to critique two authors’ presubmitted work and then we go for a late supper at Ruby Tuesday on International Speedway Boulevard in Daytona. We are a cohesive and amenable group, having learned that critiquing one’s writing is not criticizing the writer. Because of this camaraderie, we have a good time at the restaurant. The first person to arrive is in charge of making our numbers known to the hostess. They always ask for a name and we always say, “the writers.” This past week, I happened to notice the card she left at our table for the server. She had written, “Riders,” which triggered the following thought:

Ghost Writers in the Sky
The writer laid her mouse to rest one dark and stormy day
Upon a chair she rested as she dreamed her day away
When all at once a mighty dream of haunted men she saw
A-marching through the monitor, all looking torn and raw

Their eyes were burning fire and their faces soaked with sweat
Their arms were taut with muscles, their fingers all were set
To help her write her story, their words did thunder by
She paced herself as best she could, and let her fingers fly.

Typing yi ohhhh
Typing yi ayyyy
Ghost writers in the sky.

Their active verbs, descriptive nouns, they poured into her book
They’re working hard to fix it up, and say, “Now take a look,
We can’t be here forever. First you have got to try
To write the story on your own—we hear another cry.”

The writers moved beyond her screen, she heard one call her name
“You want to save your book from hell, and sell it for acclaim,
Then writer change your way of work, or slowly it will die
From lack of voice and choice of words.  And you’ll join us in the sky.

Typing yi ohhhh
Typing yi ayyyy
Ghost writers in the sky

Veronica Helen Hart is the award winning author of The Prince of Keegan Bay –  Champagne Books. First Place, 2009 Royal Palm Literary Award presented at The Florida Writers Association Conference.


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Jude Johnson said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! This is excellent! I remember that song from childhood. Thanks for the smile this morning!

Veronica Helen Hart said...

Thanks everyone. I had fun writing it. One of those middle-of-the-night things.

Allison Knight said...

This is absolutely wonderful. I would love to share with other writers, properly credited of course.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Brilliant rhyme, Ronnie! And I love the way your writers' group celebrate after the meetings.

Veronica Helen Hart said...

Sometimes it's worth lying awake in the middle of the night.

Rita Bay said...

Love It! So very clever, Veronica. Rita

Veronica Helen Hart said...

Thank you again and again.