Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Writing a Futurist Story

I visited a blog once that discussed the problems involved in writing different genres. One person commented that writing a futuristic should be easy as it didn't require much research. I responded by sharing my experience writing Born in Ice, a futuristic romance. True, the author creates an imaginary world, but to be believable it needs to be fact based. For example, with all the hype about global warming predictions have been made as to how the earth will be affected in two-hundred years or so. Of course, it's all speculation but gives the author basis for world building.

For example, with ice melting and pouring fresh water into the sea, the undersea elevators are disturbed, etc. Here's a quote from my book.

"Global warming had poured fresh water into the sea diluting the salt balance and disrupting the conveyor belts of the ocean’s floor. This action upset the equilibrium of the north and south poles and brought about numerous environmental changes on Earth. Sheets of ice covered the northern most part of North America, deserts formed where previously vegetation thrived, water mass increased, and land mass decreased."

In my story, due to harsh and changed conditions on earth, the world and societies as we knew them changed drastically. Those who remained on land faced challenges in adjusting to a new way of life and surviving. Many moved to large communities built under the sea. Planning these cities required research. How would they be heated, cooled, and how would thousands of people be fed? Due to size constraints, what type of social system would evolve? To prevent the problems associated with dating rituals during adolescence, I gathered information on pheromones and created a society based on selective mating.

Bottom line is any story about the future will require some research, maybe a lot. I hope you'll take a look at Born in Ice.

Thanks for reading and writing!


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Selective mating, um. You did do a lot of research to solve the problems that the societies had 200 years to work on. I wonder of we will do as well in real time and real politics?

Linda LaRoque said...

LOL, Julie. I didn't solve the problem because personally I'd rebel at being exposed to their system. And, some of my characters do too. However, I guess if I never knew any different, it wouldn't matter.

Linda Rettstatt said...

I always think of Jules Verne and how much of what he wrote has come to pass. Maybe those of you who write futuristic stories are actually prophets. I admire writers who can create entire worlds.

Linda LaRoque said...

So true, Linda. There was an item about that just last week on MSN.com.

Jude Johnson said...

Born in Ice is a great read. Your research made the story totally plausible and the action kept me up reading all night.


January Bain said...

That sounds like a fascinating book, Linda! I'm trying to read one from every author and this one sounds like the one from you.

Linda LaRoque said...

Oh glad you enjoyed it, Jude! I must admit I do love research.

I'm trying to do the same thing, January!