Friday, March 9, 2012


Some people prefer dogs and others cats. If you knew the two of us, you'd automatically believe the dog lover is Zi, for he has four delightful dogs. There is Emma, the miniature Bichon Frise, who is adorable past resistance but who thinks she is the biggest bruiser on the block. She puts everyone else in their place and rules with an iron paw. Bodi, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is a herder extraordinaire. If Angelica goes anywhere outside the assigned office area, Bodi escorts her, including to the bathroom, and waits to escort her back. Jamie is another Corgi, who has the enthusiasm and sparkle of youth along with the loyalty of a true friend. Mitzy, a charming, lovable terrier, the latest addition to the brood was found flea ridden and starving by the side of the road. She came to Zi trembling and fearful, now she is the true darling of the bunch and totally fearless. They all greet Angelica when she arrives each morning with demands for attention and many wet kisses, which makes our office indeed a special place to work.

Angelica has her own little pet, Annie, one of a long line of cats that have been part of her family, a cat of no distinctive line, just a short-haired pudgy gray. Annie sleeps on top of her each night or curls next to her belly. However, like a dog, Annie is there with a meow whenever Ang arrives home and plants nuzzle-like kisses on her cheeks.

So, we guess it is easy to assume who adores cats and who's stuck on dogs, right? Not really for Ang has owned a dog and Zi has owned cats. Both love pets, matters not which species. At the moment, it is circumstance which dictate what each has, but the future is open, and they are looking forward to new furry friends of both lines.

Both KILLER DOLLS and CHRISTMAS EVE...VIL have characters with pets while SNAKE DANCE albeit no dogs or cats is a sci-fi/fantasy world breed with the unique and unusual creatures. Of course, we draw on our furry friends for inspiration in many, many ways.


We'd love to hear from anyone interested in what we do. Anyone who writes us at with blog in the subject line and leaves an s-mail address, we will send you a gift and add you to any future mailings.

Angelica Hart and Zi
CHRISTMAS EVE...VIL coming soon

Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

THE FABLE OF SIN-SIN CINDERELLA Series (monthly piece) piece)
Dawn's Reading Nook (Thursday's piece)


Big Mike said...

I think you guys spend way too much time together (g).

Michael Davis (

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

You paint the pets with a loving brush.

Natalie, expert on bichon frise training said...

I also prefer dogs over cats. I have five at home and one of them is a Bichon Frise. She's my favorite pet and has been delighting me since I got him five years ago.

Natalie, expert on bichon frise training said...

oh and good news! we are adopting another bichon next week! yay!!!!