Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Joy of Plotting

I’ve just finished a WIP and I’m letting it gestate quietly in a corner until I decide it’s time to spring it free into the world.  Meanwhile, I’m deviously cooking up a new tale, and doing so with much glee. 

As I delve deeper into the literary world, finding my groove, improving my skills, and learning something new every day, I have discovered that my favourite part of writing is the plotting.  The plotting stage is where anything can happen, and it usually does.  Wild things, dull things, everything!  This stage, for me, is where you cram all your thoughts and ideas into notes, with sub-notes and bracketed notes, highlights and underlines and what have you.  Afterwards, and after a scrutinizing read-through of your notes, you start deleting things and shifting the order of the story flow and toning down character personalities, and all those ridiculously outrages scenes.
Sometimes, you’ll find at the end of your comb-through, you’ve no story at all…at least, not in a practical, workable sense.  But since it’s just the plotting stage, you don’t lose too much sleep over it.  From there, you might also find it prompts another story, similar, but different.  Often times, this new story (and more believable, at that) is the one you end up writing.  Well, it is in my case, and the other two WIPs happened to be conceived in just that same way.

At the moment, instead of hitting up the other WIPs I have kicking back on their partially formed rumps, I’m concocting a new WIP with my brother.  And it’s quite funny how some story ideas come about…all it took was an idle comment about not having enough time.  From there, another question was asked, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I have the rough outline plotted out, and by the looks of things, the hero’s going to have a wild time!  But wait, there’s more!  The hero could have help arrive from…who should it be?  Oh, I know!  Yes, that’s it…and then, that way, he can better save the day in a more convincible way.  There, the book in a nutshell, is done.  Now comes the hard part…and actually writing it.

Don’t you just love plotting?

T.K. Toppin

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I do. Probably why sequels don't generally do it for me. I have to evolve fresh fictional worlds and characters constantly. With a sequel, much is the same.

Michael Davis (
Author of the year, 2008 & 2009

January Bain said...

TK, my characters do most of the plotting for me! I just love what one learns on this site. Best, January

January Bain said...

PS. And why I love sequels!

TK Toppin said...

Thanks guys for stopping by. I admit, I do love sequels (obviously, hehe) and it's always exciting to be able to 'expand' on re-occurring characters, developing them further.