Friday, March 23, 2012


Michael W. Davis

I find the vast majority of writers to be a very empathic group. Across the last five years of bumps and bruises I’ve accumulated, I’ve encounter roughly six or seven dozen authors alone the way. In all, only two were hoarders of knowledge. What does that mean? Consider that as a writer you discover something that improves the quality of a story, or you’ve uncovered a new promo op that works like a charm, or one that stinks, or come across an article that conveys a new facet about the trend in the publishing industry. Whatever it is, the bulk of authors willingly share their lessons learned. Sure, there’s a few that play their cards close to their vest, but only a few.

Need prove? Go to the link page of my website ( All the data, promo ops, web design ideas, learns learned, and so on that you find there most were contributed by some other author and I just passed it along. There’s probably five times the number of pointers I received from author buds and budettes that never made it to the list because I ran out of space.

Yeah, what a great bunch of guys and gals.

Michael W. Davis (
Author of the year, 2008 & 2009

Shadow of Guilt, “To each crossing of paths, there is a reason.”
Blind Consent, “The answers are buried in the secrets of the past.”
Forgotten Children, “Only Sara knows the truth.”
Tainted Hero, “Sometimes good people do bad things.”
The Treasure, “A lonely heart can impair one’s judgment.”
Veil of Deception, “Sometimes truth cuts deeper than a lie.”


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

So true. Every important bit of help in marketing and finding publishers has come from other writers.

January Bain said...

Right on Mike! The generosity of fellow writers is amazing! I've been the happy benificary of much advice this past year with my connections to Champagne and The Writers Vineyard. Thanks everyone and I can't wait to pass it all one!

Jude Johnson said...

I can't imagine not sharing what I've learned; heck, I'm still learning. And every time I try to help someone else I learn something new as well.
Thanks for everything you do, Mike. You're a generous dude.