Friday, February 10, 2012


A: So, what came first the chocolate or the pheromones?
Z: What?
A: (Between words, she munches on a nutty piece of chocolate candy) I'm interchanging the word chocolate for love.
Z: What? (Looking even more confused)
A: Love is like chocolate. Being in love is simply a fabulous feeling, like eating a piece of chocolate, but do people fall in love because of a chemical reaction that exists because of pro-creation? Or does the chemical reaction happen because one person is drawn to another person, and then bingo-bango, the pheromones go crazy?
Z: And we are talking about this cauuuussse???
A: It's nearly Valentine's Day, so why not? (Holds out a heart-shaped box with half the treats gone)
Z: Didn't your hubba-bubba just give that to you five minutes ago, an early V-day gift? (Indulges, hesitates, and takes another candy)
A: Maaayyybbbbeee.
Z: You are a certifiable chocoholic! (Scoops up two more sweets)
A: Hmmm, I believe this is a case of the honeypot calling the beehive sticky.
Z: Maaayyybbbbeee. (Pops a treat, muttering how he doesn't get the connection Ang is making between chocolate and love and alters the subject a bit) Answer me this and that, do you think a person can really be addicted to chocolate? Is love just a chemical reaction, or is there something more?
A: More...More...More....
Z: Explain.
A: (Holds up her empty candy box) I need to go shopping for more candy. We're all out. (With that, Ang flees the office)

Seriously, folks, what is that crazy little thing called love. According to science, our brain creates phenyl ethylamine when people are falling in love, followed by norepinephren and dopamine when people just think about that special other person. These chemicals are what helps us feel excited and fascinates us enough to want to kiss, touch...etc.

But why one particular person over another? Yes, there is that initial attraction, but in a crowd of equals whether it is the beautiful people or the average Janes and Joes, with no one singular person standing out, we would still be drawn to one person over another. Therefore, does love have more to do with emotion and that soul to soul thing? Is it magic? What?

Think about the first time you went gaga over someone. You could have been just a child. Out of the blue, the moon hit your eyes like a bigga pizza pie, to paraphrase a once popular song, and suddenly everyone else faded away. It could have been the gal on the swing in the playground or the boy snapping his gum in study hall, and as you grew up, the guy/gal across the room.

We believe, there is something to be said about our souls and spirits knowing each other better than we do, meeting and engaging in a different dimension, and something even more to be said about the need for one other, the constant yearning to have that significant special other. It is why there are romance readers. It is a way to continuously trigger the chemicals that make us feel so darn chocolate.

Then again, what do we know except that Angelica is addicted to chocolate, and Zi has a secret stash he didn't tell her about.

What do you think, what comes first?



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Angelica Hart and Zi
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Big Mike said...

There was a book many moons ago called Naked Ape which discussed why humans are the way they are, including amora. Also two new books out "Female Brain" and Male Brain" which discuss the difference between how men and women approach love/sex. Now that is really interesting.

Michael Davis (
Author of the year (2008 & 2009)

Jude Johnson said...

Romance novels have less cocoa butter than chocolate--well, except for that one scene I wrote...ahem.

An age old question, indeed. I think we are more than the sum of our chemical parts and genomes. Physical attraction can be triggered by pheromones, but it's that soulful compatibility people wrote songs about. The emotional intertwine is exactly what we strive to create with words.

Yeah, I know. Shut up and pass the chocolate! lol


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I almost licked the screen. Talk about selling the sizzle.

The songs of the 30's -70's have boosted romance to poetic levels: "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes;" "That Old Black Magic;" I've got You under my skin; When I fall in will be forever; and my codependent favorite, "I'll never Love Again."

Chocole and love, they go together like strawberries and whipped cream, Umm.

January Bain said...

Ah, attraction, what makes the world and a writer's world go round. Aren't we blessed to do what we do!!!