Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow and Ghosts

   Do I believe in snow? Ha!  Living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula of course I do.  Though we haven’t had our usual deluge this year, we haven’t escaped snow.  Or the snow and ice  volcanoes along Lake Superiors shore,  I’ve sent a photo of some, with my step-daughter in it for size contrast.   Water squirts out the top of these like you wouldn’t believe.  But what does that have to do with ghosts? 
   Ghosts. Do I believe in them?  I’ve never encountered one, but many others say they have, so it could be I’m just not sensitive to them.  But the winter volcanoes along the lake made me wonder if ghosts got cold outside.
   I do enjoy writing about ghosts. My Dagon House Trilogy--Taken In, Where There’s Smoke and Ghost Hunt have  stories separate from the ghosts of Dagon House, yet all the main characters in these three stories encounter them.  And these ghosts do have a burning need for revenge. As I mentioned in my last blog,  Taken In is out now,  and I’m writing the second book in the trilogy.
   Why Dagon House?  If you’re an H. P. Lovecraft fan like I am, you’ll remember Dagon was a particularly nasty god this author created.  I used it simply for atmosphere, because the house does have a nasty past, where evil reigned.
   I like to give the houses I use in stories a past, not always evil, because I like to think old houses hold many secrets.  I‘m currently living in one built for me not too long ago, so mine doesn’t have any secrets yet except for whatever the Viking and I will leave with it.  Come to think of it , maybe that’s why I’ve put old houses with secrets into my books lately.  I  must miss living in one.
   I admit I’m drawn to the dark side.  I began my writing career as a gothic romance author.  While I have written quite a few books with no dark side to them, I have to admit I do enjoy the mysterious.  When I wrote for Silhouette they always took out anything even approaching the paranormal until the Shadows line came out. I happily wrote six paranormals for that line.  But they were a bit ahead of the paranormal reader’s craze and the line cratered, making those six books collectibles, of all things. 
   Looking back, I think most of my books for Champagne have had paranormal elements. They seem to sneak in, even when I don’t set out to write that way.  It’s reasonable, if you believe in ghosts, to also believe they linger because they have unfinished business on earth.  Once that’s finished, perhaps they get to rest in peace.  I would hate to think otherwise. 
   Unlike the snow , then, once  ghosts complete their  mission, they never come back. 



Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I believe in ghosts, especially those naughty ectoplasms that move furniture (and steal socks?), poltergeists. They are said to be conjured up by teens. Seems reasonable.
Let's hope they rest in peace.

January Bain said...

Very thought provoking blog.

Big Mike said...

Have a ghost love story in my queue to write that pertains to a true local R&J type love story back in the 1800's, if I ever get time to write it.

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