Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little thing called Tribe

Actually it's called Triberr and it's the newest thing out there for spreading the word. And let's face it, authors wanting to get their books seen are all about spreading the word.

So what is Triberr? It's a social group that allows you to form tribes. And what do tribes do? They support each other. How? By tweeting and retweeting information. That's the basics. I'm still learning it, but basically Triberr is connected Twitter.

I got invited to join a tribe. I check my tribe page each day for new blog posts. You can feed your blog through Triberr and all the members in your tribe can see that you have a new blog up.  Hit the approve button for each blog listed and you've automatically tweeted the blog and it's url to all your followers. Of course to be effective, you have to be willing to blog pretty consistently. And we all know, I'm not the best blogger in the world but I've been doing better since joining the tribe. With 43 tribemates, we have the potential to reach 54,922 folks with each tweet. Kewl!!!!

And of course, we all like to feel like we belong so being in a tribe is another way of gaining another support group. There's a chat room built into the Triberr for each tribe so we can talk amongst ourselves as well. Gotta luv feeling loved.


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

That will get the word out that you've written something of value, but when do you have time to actually write it?

Ciara Gold said...

So true. You do have to be into blogging but I'm getting about 60 hits each time I blog now and before, not many cuz I didn't blog much.

Rita Bay said...

Thanks for sharing. Never heard of it but can see the value in it. Sounds like a large committment of time but may be worth the investment. RB