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    Greetings everyone! I wish you all happy holidays on this Christmas day. I am CC Kaufman an author associated with Carnal Passions and Champagne Books. I would like to thank the folks here at TWV for the invitation to participate by writing a monthly blog.
I have spent quite a bit of time this week thinking about a good topic for my first ever blog. I know this is supposed to be about writing or at least connected in some way, however, dredging around in the recesses of my strange little brain can be dangerous, the results often mystifying, and always unpredictable. With that in mind, I thought the safe choice would be an obvious subject considering the day. We humans tend to identify changes in our lives and philosophy with occasions of some sort. My approach to today’s holiday changed on Christmas day many years ago. As a child I often felt disappointed on Christmas, which led to a general feeling of discomfort about the whole thing. We were not dirt poor, but neither were we that well off.  I suppose my folks did their best to impress me with the deeper meaning of the day but unfortunately fell short on that subject. I remember seeing most of my school-mates receiving new bikes, Levi’s, (a hot commodity in those days!)  and a lot of things my parents could not afford; you get the picture. Fast forward many years. I was living in a small mill-town along the river outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Verona. A quaint little town with big oak trees, cobble-stone streets, and a railroad that ran right through the center of town. I rented a third floor two room walk-up apartment in a big, old house right on the river. My best friend and I worked days in a little forge shop down the road a bit, both attending school at night. We had no money, living payday to payday, eating a lot of rice and beans. We chose to ignore the fact Christmas lay dead ahead, and that we had no tree, no decorations, and certainly no gifts.  On Christmas Eve we debated those hard facts over a bottle of Scotch ‘borrowed’ from my friend’s father. We were best friends, both feeling sad that we had nothing to offer the other on this eventful day. Maybe it was his idea, maybe mine, maybe the Scotch, or most likely a combination of all three, but we stumbled upon a solution to our dilemma. We decided we would exchange one item from each that the other admired, desired, or coveted. He occasionally wore a thick wool army jacket that I liked very much, (to say nothing of the fact it would keep me from freezing while walking to work), I asked for that. He thought only a second before he asked me for my new Beatles, “Abby Road” record album (it was vinyl, does that date this story!). Agreed on and sealed with a handshake, we exchanged our chosen gifts on Christmas day. It was at the time, and will forever be, the most meaningful gift I have ever received. That mutual act of friendship, of giving something so valued to someone else, taught me what Christmas and the exchange of gifts on that day really means. I wish you all the best this holiday and a great and prosperous New Year.

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

This is a great story. The true meaning of a gift EXCHANGE. Inspiring.

Allison said...

Well done Charles. Christmas is such a special time, I'm glad you and your friend found a way to celebrate. If only more people could learn that lesson! Happy Christmas and have a great year.

January Bain said...

Lovely! Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

Rita Bay said...

What a wonderful story!! Didn't even have to sell your hair to buy a watch fob or your watch to buy a comb. Have a happy and prosperous new year. Rita