Monday, December 5, 2011

Pets and people

Pets teach us a lot about ourselves. They don’t just look like us; they act like us. We’ve loved and lost many beloved “family members” over the years. Now we have a new mascot, Inkie

She is entirely black, but her heart is as pink as bubble gum soufflé. She makes our hearts lighter just watching her. In only two weeks she knew her job. She learned “English,” and stopped trying to climb into the oven and the freezer. On average she’d have been comfortable, as the old joke goes, but we’d have been devastated.

She’s eight-months-old at this writing and has us all figured out. She likes her bed—and us. Now she has both together. We put her bed between our pillows. She keeps watch overnight.

As to looking like us, well, her face takes on my expressions and her long graceful legs resemble my husband’s. Yeah, I’m a leg woman.

We’re convinced Inkie was sent by her great aunt, Kitty-kitty, who passed from our lives after 20 years of faithful friendship.

Penny Olsen, the main character in my new Champagne release, Kill Fee, has a pet Indian Hill Mynah bird, Bilgewater. He’s not only a crime fighter. He’s a good judge of character(s). As an observer of flawed folks and violent vixens, he knows whom Penny can trust. He also doesn’t suffer fools. His arch-rival is hero, Cole Martin’s cat, Cufflynx. Bilgewater is not above a little drama to keep Cufflynx in his place.

To read more, check my website and upcoming excerpts. As to Inkie, she is the first cat we named ourselves. She’s all ours, every enthusiastic adventuresome bit, paw to jaw. I think she has my eyes. Umm.

Julie Eberhart Painter is the Champagne Books author of Mortal Coil, Tangled Web, and Kill Fee released in October. See Julie’s Web site at


January Bain said...

Julie, you are so right! Pets teach us so much. Our three Himalayans are adorable and better behaved that some of the students I teach!

January Bain said...

Julie, you are so right! Pets teach us so much. Our three Himalayans are adorable and better behaved that some of the students I teach!

TKToppin said...

OMG! How weird is this? We used to do that with our cat Dobby (Inkie's twin, it would seem) and have him in his bed between our pillows. He's not outgrown that taken to commandeering the TV chairs once we vacate them at night.

Allison said...

Over the years, we've been raised by all kinds of animals, dogs, cats, fish, a hamster, even horny toads. My son brought home a nest of garter snakes he want to raise and dumped them in my dark brown shag carpeting. I don't think we ever caught them all.

And of course, now we are the staff of three cats, all individuals we dearly love but who demand a great deal of attention. Our latest sleeps on my pillow at night. She doesn't like to share so I frequently end up without a pillow. But they definitely enrich our lives.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I'm glad I struck a cord with you pet lovers. Inkie likes to put her kitten mittens on either side of my face and remove my glasses.

Everything is a toy, including the door jams -- and spools. On my way to find substitutes in the local pet supply.

Rhobin said...

I wish people were as good friends as pets. You're right, we can learn much.