Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Avoid Being Attacked by a Trojan

Hey, everyone. Rita Bay checking in with a first post at The Writers Vineyard. Just contracted with Champagne Books to publish my paranormal novella, INTO THE LYON’S DEN, which will be released next summer. Thought I’d share some timely seasonal advice on --- 

How to Avoid Being Attacked by a Trojan

While the title might inspire salacious images for some, this is a serious story that offers up some gift-giving advice for every blogger, writer and internet user. In the last year while writing my Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History blog at Southern Sizzle Romance, I was attacked by a Trojan. Not once, but twice.

Imagine surfing the internet looking for an Elizabethan marzipan recipe when a warning in what looks like a Windows message pane pops up on your screen saying your computer has been infected, then the next message requests permission to launch a program to save your computer’s virtual life. If you click OK, you’ve just allowed a virus in disguise to infect your computer. The lurker records your keystokes (including passwords) for thieves who will empty your accounts, max out your credit cards, and steal your identity OR maliciously crashe your computer.

Each year, I hit the Black Friday sales to buy a computer program suite that protects me from viruses, malware, and other malicious critters. Some programs also provide free online data storage, cleans up your register, scarfs up your cookies, and performs other esoteric activities to keep you well. When you’re out shopping or online this holiday season, buy some protection. Mine, an annual special, at $20 was 75% off and included free installs on two additional computers. SO, be safe and choose a gift that will keep you and your loved one(s) disease free in 2012.

Join me at to check out Holiday Celebrations each day throughout December with current events, old memories, and random trivia. Until next year when we interview Miss Jane Austen about the trials and tribulations of writing and publishing,

Rita Bay
"Celebrating Romance Across the Ages"
“Into the Lyon's Den” from Champagne Books, Summer, 2012


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Welcome aboard, Rita. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing, advice and vocabulary choices. It's easy to understand why Ellen wanted your with us.

January Bain said...

Welcome, Rita. Enjoyed your post. Wishing you all the best.

Rita Bay said...

Thank you so much, Julie. Very excited to blog with the Champagne authors at The Writers Vineyard. As a newbie, looking forward to picking up advice from the experts. Rita Bay

Rita Bay said...

Thanks you, January. So excited about signing with Champagne. Look forward to getting to know the Champagne family. BTW, I'm new to Blogger and haven't figured out how to respond to comments as follow-ups. Rita Bay

Runere McLain said...

Good morning, Rita! You can always be found in the nicest of places!

Good advice on the protection. We're grinding our teeth with one of the g-kids laptops. Of course, it didn't help his brother and his teen friends were covertly surfing the porn sites! Sigh. I did mention teen boys were involved, didn't I? lol

Can't wait for INTO THE LION'S DEN! And I'll be looking for you here! Took a quick look around while here and found some interesting things!

Rita Bay said...

Hey Runere, Thanks for dropping by. Nice group of folks here with interesting things to say. Boys will be boys. All the more reason to have protection. Rita Bay