Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gearing up for for the Big Day!

Every author starts to prepare for their book's big release day a couple months beforehand. One thing I like about working with Champagne Books is that I know what my release day is going to be very soon after signing my contract. I have plenty of time to prepare. From that point on, the count down clock begins ticking.

The first thing I do is announce the sale (of course!) on my blog, website, and all the social media sites I'm in. I set up a special page for it on my website and as I collect more information (like the completed cover, ISBN number, blurb, excerpt, book trailer, and such) I'll add it to that book's page.

Last month, I received my cover for The Right to Remain Mine, which is coming out in February. (I know, YAY!!!) It's one of my favorite covers; I just love the purple tones.

Once it arrived, I got started on a book trailer. I used to use Windows Movie Maker, but then I bought a new computer and I couldn't find the Movie Maker on Windows 7, so...I bought a picture/movie program maker called ProShow Gold and started making videos from that. It's a little different, but I'm slowly learning the ropes. Here's how that went over:

In November (about three months before the "big" day!) I began to contact blogs for a guest post/interview tour. So far, this is what I have scheduled:

-Jan 24 (Tues) Interview at Books-N-Kisses

-Jan 31 (Tues) Guest Post at The Roses of Prose

-Feb 13 (Mon) Interview at You Gotta Read

-Feb 20 (Mon) Guest Post at Romancing the Book

-Feb 24 (Fri) Interview at Fallen Angel Reviews

-Feb 2012 Interview at Joyfully Reviewed

-Mar 06 (Tues) Interview at BookWenches

I will also be doing something at Book that Thing, Books-N-Kisses, and Bookerella but final plans have not been made there yet.

It seems like with ebooks, online promotion is important. In the past, I've been interviewed by my home town newspaper, I've printed out postcards for my stories, I've contacted local libraries but since the story sells online, those ventures haven't panned out as well as I'd hoped.

Group chats are fun; I like to participate in those every once in a while.

And I've tried buying cover ads on review sites for that extra promotional effort.

I enjoy adding my books to my author pages on sites such as The Romance Reviews, Manic Readers, and Night Owl Reviews. Once the book releases, I'll add my book information to my Goodreads and Amazon Pages.

Then the contests will start to give away free copies.

By this time, I'm usually exhausted about talking about my book, but really, it's only the beginning.

What are some of the trials and tribulations you go through to get your book out there and noticed?


Marie Rose Dufour said...

Wow! You are one busy woman. I wish I knew the release date of my book far in advance. I have one coming out in March but don't know exactly when. I think you are getting the knack of the new program really well. The trailer is great!

Unknown said...

Great job on the trailer. I can't get over how busy you've been lately. You can guest at my blog if you'd like. I'm always open.

Linda Kage said...

Thank you for stopping by, Amber and Marie! Might take you up on your offer, Amber! If you spent a day with me, I don't know if you'd call me busy. I think I'm more forgetful lately; I spend more time trying to remember what I was about to do!

January Bain said...

Great trailer, Linda and a very helpful blog! Thanks for doing that. I will certainly take a page out of your book for my own upcoming release in July!

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

All good advice, neatly organized. But, I LOVE that trailer. You used the Miranda just right.

Linda Kage said...

January - I'm so glad you found it helpful. Wow!

Julie - Thanks. It was fun to create my own little Miranda Rights for this story!!

Rita Bay said...

Love the trailer, Linda. Taking frantic notes on what to do when release time comes. Thank you so much for sharing. Rita Bay