Friday, December 30, 2011


Michael W. Davis

From time to time I’m fortunate to get feedback from readers or those interested in writing fiction. It’s not everyday, rather at intervals of two months and usually they provide some comment or question about one of my books or the process of becoming an author. A week ago I received correspondence from an English teacher, Ms. Hernandez, at a school in Northern California. Her students were preparing essays on writing and used my website as a basis to help point them to sources on a plethora of topics related to creating fiction.

I’ll admit, I spend a lot of time maintaining the link page for the purpose of sharing what I’ve learned in the last six years; specially the good, bad and ugly of the fiction world. I do enjoy sharing, so much that I assembled all my lessons learned and provide them in a DVD entitled, “So you want to write a novel,” but to have a teacher and her class use my website to foster the minds of the next generation, wow, that is neat. Even for an old turkey like me, it did warm my innards.

One of her students, Anna, even discovered her owe source pertaining to famous historical romances and forwarded it to me in the chance I’d like to add to those I reference on my website. So, if you visit, take a glance at the link page, search for the new source “Famous love stories” and thank young Ms. Anna and her teacher. Talk about irony. There’s a scene in my romantic suspense novel SHADOW OF GUILT dealing with the eternal bond between men and women and I wanted examples that would stand out as historical paragons of such commitment. I even used all the authors at the writer’s water cooler to help. Boy could I have used Anna’s help then.

To Anna and her terrific teacher, Ms. Hernandez, back at ya and good luck in all you do with your life and wonderful inquisitive minds. Thank you.

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

What a great tribute going both ways. That eternal romantic bond you speak of is well documented in the lives of Ariel and Will Durant, famous historians who wrote the Civiliztion stories. "They" said it wouldn't last. After all Ariel was 15 when she married the mature professor. She went to her elopement on rollerskates.

They worked into old age together on the books and died within hours of each other in separate rooms in the hospital. You can look it up.

Big Mike said...

Amazing isn't it. I keep getting the feeling this generation has lost the essence of true love. So sad.

Big Mike

Rita Bay said...

One of the greatest gifts we can give the next generation is the gift of our experience. Thank you for taking the time to share. Rita