Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter's Coming!

The tall ash tree outside my bedroom window has turned a gorgeous golden. Beautiful, but to me it means winter's on its way. I probably shouldn't complain ( but I'm going to) because we have three wonderful other seasons here in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.. The older I get, though, the more I dread winter. Sure, it can be beautiful in its own way--winter wonderland and all that.
As a kid I enjoyed the winter season up here--sledding, ice skating and as I got older--skiing. But now that I'm an old bat and no longer able to participate in any of those activities, I find it just plain cold outside. The Viking and Kinko the cat feel the same.
I do my best to enjoy all the fascinating colors of the leaves as they change in the fall, but there's that nagging realization that winter's on the way. Even if, as is happening now, we're gifted with an Indian Summer.
Those last two words remind me that a song with that title was popular when I was a teen. I wonder if anyone reading this ever heard of it?
I even recall all the words. Ooh, now I'm feeling obsolete. Good thing the Viking and I had Happy Hour right after I wrote this the first time. We listened to Indian Summer plus other old songs and reminisced. "Summer, you old Indian Summer"...ah, the past.
But I do have a future left, after all, so I'll soon be writing "Where There's Smoke" the second book in my Dagon House Trilogy. "Taken In," the first story has already been edited and galleyed. Once the cover is complete, it'll be out, though I don't yet have a date. I always look forward to Champagne covers--they're so awesome.


Linda Kage said...

Congrats on book 2! I love Champagne Covers too.

January Bain said...

Jane, one is never old as long as they are young enough to create! Congrats on your book.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I felt the same way about winter in Cleveland. Fortunately we moved to Atlanta and now Florida.

I agree with Jan, you are never old when you can create. Write yourself warm and we'll look forward to book TWO!

Ramona Butler said...

I love the idea that creativity keeps us young. Whatever works!!!
Good news about your new book. And you know the Champagne cover will be terrific. Stay well and write on.--Ramona