Thursday, November 17, 2011

Past endeavors still generate curiosity

I had a new release on Monday of last week amidst getting a magazine off to the printer, taking students on a not one, but two field trips and attending a state conference for art. Yikes, no wonder I'm a bit frazzed.

I had intended all sorts of promo to help get the word out about the new release but of course, time is precious so I only managed two blog posts on other authors' blogs, I arranged a spotlight type ad at Romance Junkies and I tweeted.

In the meantime, I've been checking statcounter to see what kind of traffic I've had on my website. What amazes me is finding out where folks are coming from in terms of finding me. You just never know just how important those interviews are or those spotlights. I shared a spotlight with Phyllis Campbell at Love Western Romance in 2008 and I just recently had someone click the link on that post. Wow, that was four years ago, but that's the beauty of the Internet. I've had several hits recently from having my name listed with Coffetime Romance. I think I arranged this way back in 2007.  I'm still getting hits from a tailgate interview I did with Romance Junkies in 2007.

In August, AReBooks published a short of mine, which has resulted in a bit of traffic as well. Bottom line is that you just never know what promo will result in others becoming curious and wanting to learn more. So .... I guess my best advice is to try a little of everything when it comes to getting the word out.


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Good advice. I'm constantly amazed at how word spreads.

January Bain said...

Ciara, that's very helpful. Don't forget to take care of you!

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks all for commenting and yes, the Internet is both scary and wonderful in that respect. I did a search once of my real name and not my pen and oh my, but I'm everywhere.

And yes, January, I'm at a point where I can stop and breathe for a bit.

Cindy said...

What great advice! Thanks for sharing, reminds us we're not tweeting in the wind.