Saturday, October 22, 2011

Top Ten Most Expensive Costumes for 2011

Just for fun, I checked out the Halloween costume at the local store, not a costume shop. I remember when some of the woman’s outfits would have only been appropriate in the bedroom. Okay, I’ve seen the naughty nurse and French maid before, but now its naughty fairy, sexy pirate, sexy police officer, even a skimpy M&M costume. Something for everyone, well almost, they were mostly marked, one size fits ‘most’.
I wanted to check out the top ten costumes for 2011 and came across the top ten most expensive costumes for 2011.

10. Tron Legacy Costume $1,500
9. Transformers Costume $2,950
8. Carmen Miranda Costume $2,999
7. Beast Illusion Costume $3,122
6. White Minotaur (what?) $4,500
5. Tony the Tigar Official $5,000
4. Show girl Poker Costume (set of 4) $5,900
3. Shake & Bake Electric Chair $8,600
2. Full Suit of Armor $24,000
1. Human Slinky Costume $1,000,000

Wow, my husband and I usually dig through our closets, hit the thrift stores, and spend maybe $20.00 on both costumes. Human Slinky, I’m sure my husband has enough junk between the garage and the shed that we could create that costume for about $5.00 for the tights. I know our make-shift costumes have always been better than a Beast Illusion or a White Minotar, but I might splurge if I can get my girl friends to go in on the Show Girl Poker Costumes! Have a safe and Happy Halloween, stop in a visit at


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Are you sure they aren't the ones pricing our paperback books on Amazon!