Thursday, October 6, 2011

Falling in Love . . .With Your Work

Starting a new book is like falling in love. It’s that heady sensation of a new romance, the joy of discovery, getting to know new characters with whom we will intimately for days, weeks, months, perhaps years. They get the best of us, the parts that no one else, not even our closest loved ones, can have. They live under our skin, inside our heads, we share a pulse. There’s a sense of possibility. The world is open to us. The journey is still before us. We are at the very first step of it. There’s a thrill in placing those first words on the page, following them with the next one, and the piece gaining momentum.

Every moment away from the page is torture, like leaving a new lover. You eat, breathe, sleep, and live the book, even when you’re nowhere near the page. The rest of the world seems dimmer, and only the world of the book is sharply colored, sharply defined.

I’ve written with an outline, without an outline. Planning makes it easier to face the page on the tough days, but neither way dilutes the way I feel in those first heady days of a new book.

There will be tough days ahead. There will be days when I don’t want to face the page, days when the characters will fight me, will want something different than what I hope is best for the book. There will be days when you look back at the words that flowed in those dizzying, charm-kissed days and throw most of them out, replace them with stronger, more specific language. You’re going to get rid of all those words that seemed cute and charming, but no longer earn their keep. You know that. I know that. None of that matters.

Today, I fall in love with a fresh, clean page, the words I plan to place on it, and the possibilities of my characters and their world.

--Annabel Aidan publishes under a half a dozen names in fiction and non-fiction. Her paranormal romantic suspense novel ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT is available in both digital in print from Visit her webpage at


Jeff Rivera said...

Work is worship and I always love my work..

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Perfect description. I loved your book, Assumption of Right -- even found out what it meant without overexplanation. You are a disciplined writer.

I share your excitement at creating the first draft and the enthusiasm of honing the finished product.

Big Mike said...

Very well put. I've often told people who come to my workshop, its like producing a child. You love it, with all the flaws, the time to hone each word; it is the product from your heart and spirit.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year, (2008 and 2009)

Dianna Kersey (Draconis) said...

"They live under our skin, inside our heads, we share a pulse. "

Annabel ~ This is so very true! It is so much fun falling in love with your characters. Almost to the point where you really miss one if you haven't let them loose in awhile :)

Great Post to help remember why some days are harder than others, but it is for the love of writing and allowing these "people" to live through you!

Kimber Rowe said...


Thank you for the perfect description of why writer's write. We fall in love with the characters, their struggles become our own as they grow and confront their fears. We cheer them on to greatness.

Colin Galbraith said...

Brilliantly said! Love is a complicated but beautiful thing, be it a novel or a partner.

TKToppin said...

Very well said... the "new love" occupies the mind to the point you see things through its eyes, almost. Just last night, a friend told me I was being distant lately. I didn't think it was obvious, but I guess it was. I'm working on a new WIP...and getting smitten.