Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do you have a well-loved pet?

I drove to Starbucks to post this as we're getting our floors replaced and have no telephone, tv, internet, and no place to sit. They removed all old floors today except for our bedroom and there is hardly enough room in there now to walk around. Tomorrow they'll remove the carpet in the bedroom and lay laminate floors in our den. It will take probably another three days for them to finish the rest of the house, but hopefully we'll get the den back together and have a place to sit.

So, my topic for this month isn't related to writing or a new release, but something I think is important.

Lately animals have been on my mind. Part of the reason is you see so many animals that need a home on Facebook and other sites--some starved, abandoned, or worse. Due to the economy, many individuals who struggle to feed their children, can no longer afford to provide for their pets and leave them at shelters which are quickly becoming over crowded. Because they can't afford to keep them for very long, they put them down after a specific time. It breaks my heart to think about these devoted pets being destroyed.

As many of you know, my husband and I have a small mix breed dog that we got for free in the Walmart parking lot. For the longest, I asked myself, "What were we thinking?" A pet is almost like having children all over again. Here we are retired, and we like to travel. When we take a trip, we have to pay for a kennel. She doesn't travel well so we can't take her with us. When we've tried, she whines the entire trip and thinks she has to pee at every turn in the highway. She disturbs the neighbors with her barking and will only stop when I threaten to put her shock collar on her. 

But, when she hops up in my recliner and sleeps beside me while I write on my laptop, begs Larry to get in the floor to play with her, rushes to welcome us when we come home, we realize what a blessing she's been to us. They say animals help lower blood pressure and I believe it. She's good company.

Now Molly is very spoiled. Actually, we created a monster. I take a nap in the afternoons and she gets on the bed with me. She likes to be wrapped up and I don't want her laying on our covers, so I put a towel or small blanket down for her. The minute she senses I'm awake, she starts sticking her nose under my hand to get me up. It's her treat time.

The other day I bought her a new bed. The minute I brought it in the house, she knew it was for her. She immediately made herself at home and stayed in it all evening rather than her usual spot in my recliner.

On occasion, I consider the idea of getting a pet from the pound and wonder if Molly would ever welcome another dog into her domain. She's very possessive and the few times friends/family have brought their pets, she didn't play nice. It's possible they weren't together long enough.

Honestly though, I doubt we could afford to kennel two pets, so guess it's not an option for us. What about you? Do you have a pet and have you spoiled them terribly?

Thank you for listening to me ramble!



TKToppin said...

I certainly do...his name is Dobby, and he's a humanized cat that rules the house. He says, "Jump," we say: "How high?" Need I say more?

Linda LaRoque said...

LOL, TK. I like the expression 'humanized cat'! My mother had a cat I just loved and i'm not really a cat person. They're growing on me though.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

We just adopted a 5-month-old kitten Inkie from the local shelter. She has adapted to our household amazingly. She's also possessive, so we won't bring another pet into the house.

Inkie is 100% black. If her eyes are shut, you cannot see which way she's lying. However, there is a tiger in her tank. In direct sunlight, you can see ecru stripping under her seal-sleak fur. What an awsome little beast!

Linda Rettstatt said...

I adopted my cat, Binky, from a shelter. I went looking for a younger cat, one or two years, but came away with six year old Binky. Now she owns my heart. Aside from being a wonderful companion, she often causes me to wake up laughing. What a way to greet the day. Spoiled? Well, probably. But she gives back as much as she demands.

Rhobin said...

Oh dear. Insanity exposed. I have cats, all abandoned drop-offs who have made it to my house. Now, way way too many have found their way here, but each is loved and spoiled in their own particular way.

Linda LaRoque said...

Julie, Inkie sounds beautiful. She's a lucky little lady and knows it.

Sounds like Binky chose you, Linda. My mother's cat used to wake me in the mornings so he could lick my cereal bowl.

Rhobin, you must be running a safe haven for cats. I bet it's fun to watch them playing.