Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tropical Storms and Brain Waves

(Taken partially from my blog)
So, I've been watching the weather lately, as one does when you live in the tropics, and taking note of the numerous tropical storms popping up like measles.  With the convenience of WIFI, and devices like the iPods and Pads, even the trusty Blackberry, I can feed my addiction of checking out the weather.  We'll not get into the other addiction I have, which is 'screen-addiction.'  That's a whole other story!

This year, like the last, we've quickly run through the alphabet with naming the storms and hurricanes.  We're all the way to the M's, with Maria who spent a glorious two-day stint sitting right over us.  It had reached a point where I wished Maria would just 'ave' along and give us back the daylight.  It rained, it blustered, it darkened the world, it thundered and left my poor kitty with the nervous shakes.

At least it wasn't like last year, when we ran into Tomas at the end of October.  Ouch!  We won't go there either.

The precursor of Maria's loitering arrived late in the night with the cracking of thunder and the roar of sudden rain.  (It was the wee-wee hours where sudden noises are accompanied by vivid imaginary hallucination, like...thinking the AC unit was about to fall on my head).  So, after being rudely awakened by Maria's bellow, my brains weren't quite ready to go back into a blissful coma.  What does it do?  Come up with a strange and quirky story which I ended up dreaming about.  Now, I don't normally dream my story ideas, they just usually manifest here and there, with add-ons coming to me later as the idea blossoms.

This idea, well, I'm not so sure I want to write it, but if I do, it may very well end up as a short story.  This is a little new to me, since I'm not very good at short stories at all.  As for the genre, it's not going to be SF!!  What, you say?  Yeh, really.  I'm thinking more along the lines of paranormal fantasy, maybe?  (But...there's always room to geekerize it, right?)  I took some notes later that morning, and had a read through, and then kind of winced.  You could say it's a sort of fairy tale gone wrong, in a good way, of course.  Then again, if I start writing it, it may just end up better as a storm-induced dream: addled and disjointed and completely laughable like a Dr. Suess tale.

The funny thing is, last year, when Tomas blew through and we were out of power for five days, I had a similar brain wave passing through my head.  I'm tempted to drag out those notes and see what I can do with it.  Hey, I may even incorporate to two and see what happens -- wait, then that would become like a Dr. Suess tale.  (I'm beginning to think that storms agree with my creative process).

But until then, my weather-addiction is fed hourly, which also doubles to feed my addiction to the screen.  And hopefully, somewhere in between that, I can join up the notes and get some writing done.

(End note: Tropical Storm Ophelia just sprouted up...oh, joy).


January Bain said...

We don't get hurricanes on the land-locked prairies of Canada where we reside, but the odd thunderstorm can help. I've often found that the dead of night is ideal for the creative process, so what ever wakes you up to it is grand.

Linda Rettstatt said...

I lost an entire night's sleep last week while a story line played itself out in my head like a late night movie. I even got up to write it out. I do love thunderstorms on weekends when I can sit all day in my pjs and write, thought.

TKToppin said...

Thanks guys for stopping by. Yes, there's just something about the natural elements that makes you want to be creative, or do something creative.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I'm told by those scientific types it's the negative eons. Wind in your face, (hair in your teeth) that gets the creative juices flowing. When we vacationed on Nags Head, NC in the summers, a walk in the gloomy wind, prior to evacuation, was inspiring.

Now we're in Central FL trying to keep our house afloat. (FYI: we have 40-years worth of corks in the attic.) Draw your own conclusions!

TKToppin said...

Forty years of corks?? Wow, that's a lot of wine...I'm sure the house will float, no problem! But yes, you're right, the negative "energy" does spark some interesting ideas. Thanks Julie for stopping by.