Thursday, September 15, 2011

Battle Dancer and the end of a series

This month marks the end of a series (and one spin-off) that I started back in 2008. The "Blade Dancer" series follows an alien female's coming of age - from soldier to pivotal figure in the history of three races. Up to now, I have examined things like the effect of being thrust into greatness upon both family and friends - as well as looking at prejudices and how imperfections in one's character can grow under the strain of being a world leader.

With Battle Dancer I come to the end of the story arc by concentrating on the character herself. What does it do to a person when they are given ultimate authority and the means to execute it? How far do you push until Savior becomes Destroyer? Can there be redemption, and if so, from what quarter?

Due out in December of this year, Battle Dancer strives to offer that answer while bringing to rest many of the subplots carried throughout the series. Mikial is at her fiery best, and her very worst as she seeks to return her Me'Aukin allies to their home world. You get to meet many of the characters introduced over the series one final time, and see some closure as Mikial ultimately gets what she deserves. And yes, I put the battle in Battle Dancer, with a harrowing look at where futuristic combat is heading.

Saying goodbye to a cast of characters I've lived with for so long isn't easy, but the cure is obvious - start something new in a completely different venue. I have already started work on a fantasy (yes, you read that right), but trust me - no sparkly vampires. No elves, dragons, fae, or any other trope you can think of. I want to bring fantasy back down to a slight shimmer off of reality. What is it about? Gonna hold that in for now, but if you listen in the stillness of my imagination, you might hear a locomotive's long mournful whistle.

The journey continues, and beyond my present project there is this little girl who crash landed on an alien world where the rain kills and forests sing.



TKToppin said...

Cannot wait until it's out. And I know what you mean about saying goodbye to a "series." And it's true, starting a new story/project helps a great deal in "saying goodbye." Good luck you ya!