Monday, August 8, 2011

Fanfiction and Batman

Well, it's time for census in Australia, and I'm one of the thousands of *coughstupid* lucky people who gets to go around knocking on doors and talking to people, all in the name of convincing them to fill in a form.

Yay you, I hear you say.

All this work has left me very little time to write, generally because it's taking up my procrastination time. Which, in turn, means my procrastination is using up my writing time. Oh, what a wonderful cycle.

But I have come across a small urge to write. A couple of weeks ago, thanks to my Batman-obsessed OH, I had a Joker-related dream, in which I came up with an awesome origin for him (No one knows the real origin of Joker, or even his name – though there are a few origins lying around the comic universes). And, yes, my OH demands to be let in on my Joker's origin.

This leads me to just wonder, have you ever had the urge to just go off and write fanfiction, whether you've ever shown it to someone or not? And have you ever taken one of those fanfictions, and managed to twist it into your own world and story, to the point where no one can tell where it started out?


Big Mike said...

Never know, you might come up with some good story ideas going into all those houses.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year, (2008 and 2009)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

It's a question many would like answered. So why not. Are you thinking novel, graphic novel or novella?

Diana Ilinca said...

I wrote fanfiction. An X-Men, Nightcrawler related one. I showed it to the world under another name and will never show my real face where it is concerned xD I do plan on twisting it enough to make it my own, orginal story eventually, though :) Go for it! It's fun! I'll read it for you xD

Holly Hunt said...

I was thinking novel, Julie, and my boyfriend wants me to publish it. Buuuuut, DC Comics doesn't accept writing submissions. So it shall forever remain fanfic :) Unless I twist it into origific. And it wouldn't be the first time.

And I already have a good story from doing it, Mike. Someone's trained a dang chicken to attack intruders.