Sunday, August 7, 2011

Too Out There?

The question that has been harassing me more than usual lately: am I overdoing it?
Blogs. Twitter. Facebook. Youtube. Google+. Website. Goodreads and many, many more. I'm on them all and  I get loud. I get obnoxious. I get...really, really wierd.

At first glance, you'd think it wasn't too much...until I started Youtubing. (oh shazbok, I need a brownie.)
I've had a spike in views on my youtube channel. Either the coming movie of The Hobbit is bringing more "Ringers" to the interest of speaking Elvish and finding my video - which is the first when you search "Speaking Elvish" on youtube - or, more people have just discovered that I can be a frightening spaz...and have been enjoying it.

Hold on...let me explain what I mean by "too much." By that I mean, showing too much of my...unkempt side. The side that makes restaurants kick me out and the grandmother at the park scold me with her eyeballs.
The part that parents worry will rub off onto their chilren. (side note to the parents I personally know: I don't release my unkempt side when speaking to your children. They're safe, I promise.)

As public figures - authors, artists, actors, etc - should we... be professional? Should we strive to be more quiet, mature and adult-like in public, or do you think we can just be ourselves?

For agents, are you thrown off by impulsive, spazzoid people who are trying to get their work represented? Or do you see it as a positive thing? Something that may help attract the public eye?

I don't want to say that the responses to these questions will really bring a personal change to my image; if motherhood didn't do it, I wonder if anyone but God Himself could. But, I am really curious as to the thoughts of readers, writers, agents and publishing houses. How much is too much personality? Is there too much?

Diana Ilinca


Big Mike said...


Question is, are ya having fun.


AstonWest said...

If it helps sell books, one would think that agents would be all over it like flies on s***...but then, maybe they're too busy trying to come up with ways to milk money out of authors who self-publish... ;-)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Cool it, Aston aka Todd. I'm trying to gt over it myself.

You sound pretty "out there" to me. As long as you can convince THEM that you can deliver, go with it

Rosemary Gemmell said...

That's a very good question, Diana - but I think it varies for each of us. I definitely felt overly 'out there' for a while and had to take a step back, but I'm catching up again.

Jessica Penot said...

I went to this big agent panel at a conference once and the agents spent some time discussing how being too crazy online does make them think twice about an author they might otherwise sign. However, they were mostly complaining about writers that said bad things about publishing houses and agents online. They also discussed people who very crazy online. I think as long as you seem sane and aren't hostile everything else it good.

AT said...

Diana, the professional would say keep it professional. The realist would say, just be yourself. The moderate would say, find a medium. A.T. Russell says, keep writing epic good shizz and tell the world about it. Keep in mind, the less folks know about you personally, the more they'll be interested in your books and not you. Picture it, folks will watch you bug out while reading someone else's book. Then you become the caricature and not the characters in your stories.

Diana Ilinca said...

Whoopsy daisy! Took me forever and a day to respond. Sorry >.< I've been away from keyboard. Thanks so much on all the responses. Let me answer them in the order in which they were received:

BM: Yes. Yes, I am. Tons of it xD Isn't it obvious? :)

Aston: hahaha, this is true. Wise space-pirate, you are.

Julie: I admit, I get pretty out there but I think my channel is pretty balanced with some serious vlogs, as well.

Rosemary: To each their own speed! I wasn't always quirky. It just hit me at some point in high school when I had to ask myself why I cared so much was the popular kids thought :)

Jessica: like I said to Julie, I think I balanced it out. I praying.

A.T.: Wait...that's bad!

Thanks again, everyone! ^_^