Friday, August 26, 2011

My Goal in Life...

While at a softball game, a friend of mine was asked if she wanted a stray Husky that had taken refuge at a residence in a near by town. She shared the information with me, and with eager anticipation my husband and I arrived at the man’s house with great eagerness to take the puppy home.

The town chairman responsible for strays, informed us we were a day late. Although disappointed at my loss, I assumed the puppy was reunited with his family. I wish it were that happy of a story. The man stated that the dog was hit by a car, still alive, but dragging himself around somewhere on his property. He was hoping to find the puppy to feed it chicken bones in the hope that it would choke to death.

My husband Ron and I decided we would locate the injured puppy and take it to the veterinarian that has cared for all of our other pets. We felt if there wasn’t any hope for the black and white Husky, we rationalized our grief, by determining that the veterinarian would make sure the dog would not suffer.

The Veterinarian informed us that the puppy would have succumbed to his injuries and gangrene within a day. But, if they amputated his back leg to the hip, a portion of his tail, and treated the infection the vet felt “our puppy” would recover. We named him Rocky, because of the typical dark raccoon band around his eyes and thanks to our vet, the day after his amputation surgery, on his own, Rocky walked out of the hospital and into our hearts.

I believe we can all learn from the resilience of an animal. Rocky was injured and left to die, and as much as we believed he needed us, it turns out we needed him more. Rocky has changed our lives; we have become more appreciative of the blessings that surround us, things people take for granted. We were a ‘blended family’ and through adding pets to the mix, we became a family. Now, taking the time for walks, camping, swimming, and snow shoeing. After all, we had a puppy to wear out out. Not only are pets enjoyable, but I’ve heard having a pet extends a person’s life span. What a bonus! A sign we proudly display in our kitchen articulates it all, My goal in life is to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am. Because I know they are with us for such a short time, my original writing goal was to write something that would memorialize each of my pets for all eternity. In my action thriller, Bolt Action, my sarcastic detective, Leslie Bolt has as her very own cat, my cat named Baby. I’ve had an article published about Rocky, my German Shepherd named Tucker, and soon my cat Zues will make his debut in my children’s chapter book. I still have a few pets to go, but I’m working on it. Please stop by my website to see a beautiful picture of a few of my babies.


January Bain said...

Ah, pets are members of our family and ones you can always count on! Sounds like yours are lucky ones! (and you of course for having them in your life)

Victoria Roder said...

My babies are begging to go outside right now. I think if it wasn't for them I wouldn't get much sunshine!

Jude Johnson said...

Wonderful story! I'm so glad Rocky rescued you. We have cats at the moment but I adore dogs. I just haven't gotten past the loss of my pound puppy, Xena Warrior Canine. She chose us at the local pound on her "pink slip" day (aka due to be euthanized). She had a wonderful 12 years with us and I miss her.